Following Car Accident, Jared Padalecki Shared Update With Fans On How 'Lucky' He Is

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Usually when former Supernatural star Jensen Ackles brings up his longtime TV brother Jared Padalecki, there’s mirth and whimsiness attached, but that wasn’t the case when Ackles appeared at the Supernatural Official Convention in New Jersey on April 24. As he took the stage, the actor alerted audience members (and the world at large) to Padalecki having been involved in a reportedly serious car accident, and was lucky to have survived the ordeal. And after a couple days of staying mum about it, the Walker star broke his silence to give fans an update on his health and wellness. 

It’s obviously a great thing that Jared Padalecki felt well enough to say anything at all about the weekend car accident, in which he was not the driver. Indeed, he seems to be doing quite well, all things considered, as he shared the following message on Twitter:

Hey y’all! I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love. I’m definitely on the mend and hoping to return to filming later this week. I’m so lucky to have had the best care and be surrounded by people who love me. So grateful for everyone🙏#SPNFamily #WalkerFamily #AKF

Considering how large and passionate the Supernatural fanbase is — much less that of Walker and Padalecki himself — one can only imagine the well wishes and optimistic message he received from followers in the accident’s aftermath. To be expected, it appears all that love had quite the positive effect on the actor, who accompanied the written post with a picture of him alongside his daughter Odette. (The same one he went all My Little Pony with to celebrate the then-new Netflix movie.)

At this point, without any input from The CW on the matter, it’s unclear whether or not Jared Padalecki’s accident will affect the airing schedule for Walker at all, or if the schedule is already planned in such a way that there won’t be any delays. In his post, the actor states he’s hopeful that he’ll be back in Cordell Walker’s duds by week’s end, though that’s hardly a guarantee that things will play out in such a way.

That said, Walker’s season finale isn’t scheduled to air until June 23, and if Season 2’s episode count matches up with the first, there will be only three episodes left to air after this week’s installment. So it’s possible Padalecki doesn’t have all that much left to film for the season. Either way it goes, here’s hoping he’s feeling 100% up to the challenge when the time comes. 

Jared Padalecki was supposed to appear at the fan convention alongside Jensen Ackles and fellow co-star (and upcoming Harvey Dent portrayer) Misha Collins, but the accident obviously hindered those plans. The actor shared a message on social media apologizing to fans for missing the event, though he wasn’t specific about the reasoning at the time. For what it's worth, he still didn't address the accident directly in the latest post, seen below in full, but that's understandable. 

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The convention certainly wouldn’t have been the only time that Ackles and Padalecki have seen each other in the past few months. After wrapping his new role for The Boys Season 3, Ackles made his way to Walker to get behind the camera as a director, which obviously led to behind-the-scenes pranks and shenanigans, and the actor even discussed the possibility of reappearing on screen with Padalecki at some point. Beyond that, the duo will probably be touching base more now that The CW ordered a pilot for the potential Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters.

While waiting to hear more updates from Jared Padalecki, don’t forget to tune into new Walker Season 2 episodes when they hit The CW every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. And check out everything else hitting the small screen soon with our 2022 TV premiere schedule

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