Gift Ideas For Friends Fans: 13 Great Friends Gifts For Fans Of The Beloved TV Show

Friends cast at Christmas
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Sometimes, as the holiday season approaches, it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift ideas for your friends. However, it is not quite as hard to figure out what to give friends who are fans of the TV show Friends. Case in point, the following list of the best Friends gifts now available online which we have curated for you, starting with one item that could not be more perfect for a pet owner in your life.

Friends Dog Toy

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Friends “Pivot!” Dog Toy

Give your loved one the gift of being able to make a Friends fan out of their own pet with this cuddly plush toy with a built-in squeaker. Amazon actually has several great examples of stuffed pet toys to choose from, but our personal favorite is this 10,” orange sofa with one of the most recognizable Friends inside jokes of all time: “Pivot!” - an instruction Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) gives his pals ad nauseam as they struggle to bring his new couch up the stairs.

Buy Friends Plush Dog Toy on Amazon.

Friends Crap Bag Tote

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Friends “Crap Bag” Canvas Tote

Perhaps if you chose to get your loved one all of the great Friends-centric dog toys available, you could also get them this durable, spacious, cotton canvas tote to carry them with for trips to the dog park or all kinds of other uses. What makes this gift special (which comes in white or black) is its reference to another hilarious Friends quote spoken when Mike (Paul Rudd) - upon learning his wife, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) changed her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock - decides he wants to be called “Crap Bag” from now on.

Buy Friends “Crap Bag” Canvas Tote on Amazon. 

Friends Pool Float

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Monica’s Door Pool Float Lounger

Your loved one could also use their “Crap Bag” to hold their things while they they take a load off at the pool or in a lake. What better way for a Friends fan to do so than with this inflatable floating raft that resembles the iconic door to Monica Gellar’s (Courteney Cox) apartment - complete with a transparent peephole.

Buy Friends Pool Float Lounger on Amazon.

Friends Peephole Frame

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Monica’s Peephole Frame Replica

If - instead of an inflatable replica of Monica’s door - your loved one would rather have the real thing in their home, we also have you covered on that front. All you need to get them is some purple paint and this gold, easy-to-hang frame that will fit perfectly around a peephole just like you have seen on Friends.

Buy Friends Peephole Frame  on Amazon.

Friends Doorbell Replica

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Monica’s Doorbell Replica

The only thing left that your loved one will need to complete their own recreation of Monica’s famous door on Friends is this recreation of her fancy doorbell cover. The metallic gold, plastic replica measure 3.14” in diameter, 1.2” thick, and applies easy with included 3M adhesive.

Buy Friend Doorbell Cover Replica on Amazon.

Friends Picture Frame

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Monica’s Yellow Peephole Frame Replica Picture Frame

Instead of helping the Friends fan in your life reconstruct their door to look like Monica’s, a simpler way to pay homage to that iconic piece of craftsmanship is this picture frame. Manufactured by Silver Buffalo, the 4”x6” frame resembles Monica’s aforementioned peephole frame, which you could also hang on your door or keep propped up on a nightstand or shelf.

Buy Friends Picture Frame on Amazon.

Friend LEGO sets

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Friends Lego Sets

Another more simple way for your loved one to live out their fantasy of owning Monica’s apartment is giving them this diorama made entirely of LEGO, which also comes with a recreation of Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) apartment from across the hall and figurines that look like the Friends cast. Complete the (LEGO) world of Friends with another set built to look like the Central Perk.

Buy Friends LEGO Apartments Set on
Buy Friends LEGO Central Perk Set on Amazon.

Friends Central Perk neon sign

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Central Perk Neon Sign 

Now, if it is a visit to the real Central Perk that the Friends fan in your life wants, give them the chance to make them feel like they are there everyday without leaving their home. This 5”x16” replica of the neon sign from the gang’s favorite coffee shop works on its own as a great decorative item for any lover of the sitcom.

Buy Friends Central Perk Neon Sign on Amazon Prime.

Friends Central Perk Mug and Coaster Set

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Central Perk Coffee Mug And Coaster

To really complete the illusion of turning your loved one’s home into their own personal Central Perk, they are going to need the proper serving material. This white, ceramic coffee mug bearing both the Central Perk logo and the official Friends insignia also comes with a matching coaster.

Buy Friends Central Perk Mug and Coaster Set on BoxLunch.

Friends Central Perk candle

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Central Perk Scented Candle

The Friends fan in your life will not necessarily need real coffee to feel like they are being served a fresh cup of joe at the Central Perk every day. They can fill their home with the fictional establishment’s signature aroma with this tin candle that smells like caramel toffee when lit.

Buy Friend Centra Perk Scented Candle on Amazon.

Friends: The Official Cookbook

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Friends: The Official Cookbook

What if you could give your loved one the ability to make their own genuine Central Perk coffee, chocolate chip cookies like Phoebe’s grandmother used to make, or the famous Layer Cake made by Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) in one of the best Friends Thanksgiving episodes ever? The recipe for each of those delicacies and more that Joey would never share can be found in Friends: The Official Cookbook, published by Insight Editions and written by chef Amanda Yee.

Buy Friends: The Official Cookbook on Amazon.

Friends Wooden Cooking Utensils Set

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Friends Wooden Cooking Utensils Set 

The Friends fan in your life can prepare any of the recipes from the Friends cookbook above with these wooden cooking utensils inspired by the sitcom. Each item in the six-piece set is engraved with a recognizable culinary symbol related to the show (such as lobsters or a turkey with sunglasses on it) and can be stored in an included keepsake holder.

Buy Friends Wooden Cooking Utensils Set on Amazon.

Friends Central Perk Coaster Set

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Friends Trivia Questions Coaster Set 

After dinner, you, your loved one, and the rest of their dinner party guest can spend the rest of the night enjoying some drinks and playing games with this item. Each beverage Central Perk coaster in this 20-piece set is embroidered with two trivia questions with which people can challenge each other to see who is ultimate Friends fan among the group.

Buy Friends Trivia Questions Coaster Set on Amazon.

Whether you choose to give any of these gifts to a friend, a parent, a sibling, or a significant other with whom you are on a break, they will not be disappointed as long as they love Friends.

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