Harry Styles Snapped A Gym Selfie In A One Direction Shirt Then Deleted It. Thank Goodness The Internet Is Forever

Harry Styles in rainbow outfit at Coachella.
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While all the guys from One Direction have thriving careers these days, Harry Styles has been the center of attention for quite some time for a plethora of reasons. Although, the most recent reason this pop star is making headlines is directly related to his boyband, and fans are losing their minds. This 1D throwback happened when the “As It Was” singer accidentally posted a gym selfie of himself in a One Direction T-shirt. He quickly realized he didn’t want that to be a photo the entire world saw, and deleted it. However, never doubt the power of a Harry Styles fan, because those girlies quickly screenshotted the image, and now this gym selfie will live on forever. 

The image in question is a very simple, standard gym selfie. Styles snapped it, and posted it to his Instagram stories, however, I think it was intended for his close friends' story, not his public one. Fans of the musician quickly screenshotted the moment, even though it was only up for seconds, and it flew around the internet at a rapid pace. Pop Crave nabbed the image just in time, and you can see it here:

Considering the singer has a carefully curated Instagram account that’s mostly just concert photos, seeing this selfie was a shock to the system. Not only was it not on-brand for the singer, but fans are also dying for a One Direction reunion, and seeing Styles rock a T-shirt from the good ol’ days will no doubt spark even stronger rumors that they could get back together. 

With Harry Styles on a world tour, and his old bandmate Niall Horan not only getting ready to release new music but showing up on the 2023 TV schedule as one of the new coaches on The Voice, there has been a lot of opportunity to ask the boys about the future of One Direction. However, while the crew always speak highly of each other when asked, they are very tight-lipped when it comes to a reunion. This decision to not talk about the future of 1D is likely a major reason Styles decided to delete the photo so quickly as well.

Luckily, Styles has a great sense of humor, and while the post was seemingly a massive mistake, he did humorously address it at one of his concerts while interacting with a fan. Jess Pinney posted a video of the interaction on TikTok, where the singer said: 

Maybe like some people you choose to keep it to yourself and maybe one day, you’ll accidentally post it to your Instagram story.

This situation has the same vibe as the alleged spitgate from the Venice Film Festival. Amid all the Don’t Worry Darling drama one of the sillier rumors was that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine. Both parties cleared the air quickly, making sure everyone knew this did not happen. The way the former One Direction member decided to address it though was by joking about it at one of his concerts, much like he did with this T-shirt snafu.

While Styles has been caught up in some serious internet drama, like his breakup with Olivia Wilde, moments like spitgate or the accidental T-shirt selfie become quite funny once the air is cleared, and everyone addresses the situation. 

Even though Styles deleted the photo swiftly, the internet did its thing, and now this gym selfie will live on forever as we 1D fans hope and pray for the boyband gets back together someday. 

Riley Utley
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