Has Kim Kardashian Had Enough? After Kanye West’s Many Posts, The Unfollowing Has Started

Kim Kardashian in sketch on SNL
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It seems that Kim Kardashian has finally had enough. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has stood by her soon-to-be ex-husband for months, but seemingly no longer. After the Donda rapper began to post threatening messages that targeted Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian finally opted to unfollow Kanye West on Instagram. 

According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian has officially unfollowed her estranged husband Kanye West. The parting of the digital ways occurred on Thursday, after Kanye West posted a series of now-deleted messages that many fans thought were directed at Kim Kardashian’s current beau Pete Davidson, namely because they featured clips of Davidson, and comments directed at them.

One would think Kim Kardashian would have unfollowed Ye after originally filing for a divorce about a year ago, but the reality television star continued to Keep Up with Kanye (pun intended) on social media. She even supported him in person at Donda release parties and thanked him in her acceptance speech for the Fashion Icon trophy at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, among other positive-minded situations. But the latest development in the continuing saga of Kim and Kanye seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

After splitting from his girlfriend Julia Fox last week, Kanye West began to post (and later delete) a series of messages attacking Pete Davidson. Referring to the SNL star as “Skete,” Kanye called him “garbage” and “trash,” along with a number of other unprintable but equally unflattering names. Kanye called Pete out for an SNL skit that joked about the rapper’s mental health and declared ‘civil war’ by sharing a Marvel poster with their faces on it. He also encouraged his fans to “scream” at Pete if they saw him out and about, which may be the reason people have been showing up at Pete’s residence in New York.

Fearing for Pete’s safety, especially after Kanye had already threatened to “beat his ass” in a song,'' Kim Kardashian seems to have contacted Kanye with a plea to cease fire. At least, that’s the story that the screenshots posted on Kanye’s Instagram seem to tell. He also posted a message from Davidson in which the comedian assured the rapper he wasn’t trying to insert himself into their family, though that hardly quelled the blowback. Like many of Kanye’s Instagram posts, those have now been deleted, although that didn’t stop Kim from clicking the unfollow button. 

Aside from the messages that Kanye leaked on his own Instagram (which could have been faked or digitally doctored), neither Kim Kardashian nor Pete Davidson have issued a public response to Kanye’s posts. In an ironic turn of events, Pete Davidson has recently chosen to rejoin Instagram in the midst of the social media drama, although he hasn’t posted anything yet and only follows two people: Kim Kardashian and, inexplicably, Pam &s Tommy star Sebastian Stan.

Kanye West has not issued any other statements since deleting his Instagram posts, but stay tuned to see where this ordeal goes next. 

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