Home Town's Erin Napier Claps Back After Internet Users Ask If She's Pregnant (Again)

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Pretty much everyone who enjoys home renovation shows knows Erin Napier. As one of the stars of the HGTV hit, Home Town (which she hosts with her husband, Ben), she helps give people their dream living spaces in their small home town of Laurel, Mississippi, and almost always has a big smile and a lot of joy while doing it. However, fans know that she’s not afraid to speak out on social media when she feels like people are being mean, inappropriate, or just plain not fair. Recently, the remodeling expert clapped back after her followers started asking whether or not she was pregnant again.

What Did Home Town’s Erin Napier Say About Fans Asking If She’s Pregnant?

The Lantern House author and her husband celebrated the first birthday of their youngest child, Mae, back in June, and while she’s been very transparent about why they decided to give their oldest daughter, Helen, a sibling, that doesn’t mean that she’s down for everyone openly speculating about whether or not she might be expecting again. Apparently, after a new episode of their show aired over the weekend, some online chatter began, and Napier took to her Instagram Stories to respond in a written post, which said:

re: last night’s episode, i am not expecting, I just don’t drink coffee. I will not be expecting. y’all don’t have to google thinking we are dropping cryptic hints. there are no hints. our family is complete. it is weird and a bit rude to constantly speculate if a woman is pregnant.

As you may have guessed from the title of this article, she’s spoken out about this more than once. In the fall of 2020, she also had to fight back against such rumors, and then opened up in an interview, where she then also noted how “weird and unnecessary” these pregnancy comments are. Part of her point was that we don’t know, and don’t need to know, what a woman’s plans are when it comes to growing her family, and that it may be a difficult thing for her to talk about, meaning that such speculation is actually hurtful. 

Look, unless you pay no attention to anything, you will understand that parenting is hard, as even Napier has discussed the “dance” of parenting while juggling their very busy careers. And, not only that, but sometimes deciding whether or not to even become a parent at all is hard, with the whole idea of it having way more complexities than many people seem to want to recognize openly. The mom of two has also been quite vocal about trying to protect her kids from fame and/or predators (with them already having a scary incident), which is a downside to parenting that everyone has to deal with, especially with the predominance of social media.

Basically, she wants people to just get over not only the odd need to know about someone else’s personal, reproductive business, and to stop treating everything a woman does (or doesn’t do) as an opening to start pregnancy rumors. And, I’d say it’s pretty hard to argue with her logic.

Home Town Season 7 airs new episodes Sundays on HGTV at 8 p.m. EST.

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