How 90 Day Fiancé's Latest Episode Proved Emily And Kobe Have Problems Beyond Their Actual Relationship

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90 Day Fiancé episode “Poison In The Honey.” Read at your own risk!

90 Day Fiancé Season 9 hasn’t been an easy journey for any of its couples so far, as almost all of the relationships on display still need to address some big problems before anyone walks down the aisle. Some are facing greater challenges than others, of course, and it’s fair to say that Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise are near the top of that pyramid when it comes to such predicaments. Just on the heels of their f-bomb argument, the flagship TLC series revealed their biggest problem seems to exist outside of their actual relationship, and invloves a lack of common sense.

The moment came during a sit-down conversaion between Kobe and Emily’s father, David, in which the latter wanted to know how Kobe planned to make money when he became eligible to work in the United States. Kobe revealed that he knew David is in charge of running a successful civil engineering business, and said he figured when the time came, he’d just take over the business from David. Not the wildest idea, right?

Kobe backed up that idea by claiming he had past experience in the field, though after being pressed by David, he admitted he was just talking about a class he took when he was in high school. David tried to let Kobe know as kindly as possible that his uninformed assumption wasn’t a legitimate option, especially given Kobe’s level of experience. If that's how Kobe thought things would go later in life (to say nothing about what he'd do in the years before David stepped down), what other completley misplaced ideas are bouncing around in his head?

Elsewhere in the conversation, David asked Kobe what he planned to do in the immediate future to support Emily and their toddler son Koban when they’re out on their own. Kobe explained that he brought over $4,000 in savings to the United States, which was enough for a place in Cameroon where he and Emily Cameroon could have stayed for the better part of a year. Unfortunately, Kobe learned that $4,000 would only last him a couple of months in the United States, between rent and utilities, which took the 90 Day Fiancé star by surprise. Not as surprised as Shaeeda Sween was when Bilal Hazziez “pranked” her with that terrible house, but he was still pretty shocked and disappointed. That said, I bet Kobe would rent that house if it was cheap.

If all that wasn’t enough, we're only done with Kobe and his bouts with naivity. The reason why David pressed Kobe so hard about his plans for the future was due to the fact he already knew Emily is NOT up for the challenge. During a conversation about paying for their wedding, Emily’s mother Lisa told her she was concerned Emily didn’t really have a grasp of how tough things could be once they were on their own, and it became clear she was spot-on.

Lisa noted that Emily never paid for a mortgage, utilities, supplies for Koban, or even had a sense of how to budget money. She made it clear that Emily might somehow know less about finances than Kobe, which isn’t ideal considering she’s actually from the U.S. and should be more generally aware of such things as an adult. Emily didn’t really have an answer for how they’ll make it on their own after marriage, either, with the wedding technically needing to happen within 60 days at this stage. Maybe they could have a half-wedding, half-fundraiser.

It’s not known at this time whether or not Emily and Kobe did go through with their nuptials, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. If they do/did, I’m certainly interested in seeing them return for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, as I too wish to know how in the world they’re going to fare with life after marriage on their own and without any parents to constantly chip in and help out. This feels very similar to Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s relationship, and based on recent updates about that, it doesn’t bode well for Emily and Kobe.

90 Day Fiancé airs on TLC on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s great television during these summer months when primetime fare is lighter, but our 2022 TV premiere schedule will help clue everyone in on other new shows popping up soon.  

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