How Taylor Swift’s Recently Announced Concert Dates Wreaked Havoc On One Bride’s Plans

Taylor Swift wearing a multi-colored necklace in the Bejeweled music video.
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Taylor Swift’s latest album Midnights has rocked the world. It’s broken multiple records, and the girlies are extremely excited about her new music. With an album, a tour usually follows, and after eagerly waiting for five years, fans are finally getting the opportunity to see the megastar live in concert once again. However, while many are super excited about Swift’s upcoming appearances, especially with the Eras Tour, others are stressed because the tour will be coming through town on their wedding day, and this fact is wreaking havoc on brides’ plans in multiple ways. 

People are having issues with hotels, and worrying about parking, while some are literally thinking about rescheduling the wedding. These “New Romantics” have to deal with unexpected complications that could make their weddings a “Delicate” topic. 

In Massachusetts, WCVB reported that Christina Leonard had complications when her room blocks were canceled at a hotel, which is within walking distance of the concert's venue, on the same day Swift announced her stadium tour. Now, the hotel has issued an apology and offered to provide complimentary accommodations.  

On the other hand, some couples are thinking about rescheduling their weddings because the day Swift is scheduled to come to their city is on the same day as their ceremony. Rolling Stone compiled some of these reactions, including one from Jessica Ingersoll who posted a video on TikTok, saying: 

But I live in Seattle, and that’s my wedding day.

She appears to be quite shaken by this announcement, as you can see in her video, which also is captioned with a question about if she should cancel her wedding. 


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Meanwhile, the Rolling Stone story also mentioned that people in women's bridal parties are debating if they should skip the wedding and go to the Eras Tour instead. 

Listen, as a Swiftie, I’ll be the first to admit Swifties can be intense, and they will be out in droves when she goes on tour. So, I sympathize with the brides and grooms who will have to deal with flaky guests, and various other challenges because of a concert on the same day as their nuptials. 

To an extent, I understand the struggle of those who want to go to the concert as well. Since Swift’s Reputation tour (which can still be seen with a Netflix subscription), the artist has released three brand new and two re-released albums, so there is a lot of new music to cover with this tour. I’d assume the set list will include all categories of Swift’s songs, and we’ll get to see a show that will include stellar cameos and Easter eggs like the “Bejeweled” music video. In short, it will be an amazing and massive concert. While this show will be incredible, especially with Swift’s track record of theatrical tours, I don’t know if it’s worth rescheduling a wedding. 

While the tour is causing various issues for brides, it is super, super exciting that Swift is going on tour again. The demand for her upcoming performances is so high that she just announced more dates on her North American leg, with European dates to come.  On top of touring the singer has also been acting in movies, and Swift has been directing many of her own music videos. So whether you try to go to the Eras Tour, can’t go to the tour, or are getting married that day, there are lots of ways to see Swift do what she does best. 

Riley Utley
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