How The Conners Is Complicating Becky's Life Again So Soon After Sex-Fueled Happiness

While Sara Gilbert's Darlene has been having quite the rough go of things in The Conners' earliest Season 4 episodes, with all things Ben-related causing havoc in her life, it sounds like things are going to get a bit more complicated for Lecy Goranson's Becky as well. Not that her life hasn't already been complex, what with her sobriety struggles, but it seemed as if she'd turned over a new leaf in Season 4, thanks to her sober-sex reawakening. But soon, fans can probably expect to see her love life and relationships get a bit more twisted, thanks to a certain someone's return.

That's right, Becky's current friends-with-benefits situation will likely get shaken up by Rene Rosado's return as her baby daddy ex Emilio. While it's not entirely clear what will happen once the character finds his way back into Becky's life, or when it'll happen, here's the tease that The Conners' executive producer Dave Caplan shared with TVLine:

[Emilio] makes her think about her future a little differently.

That's obviously not an earth-shaking reveal or anything, but it doesn't really have to be for fans to grasp the importance. Becky's attempts to atone for past wrongs, specifically the ridiculous lies she told to a high school buddy, led to her being as happy as she's been in quite a while. Not only from the sex, as much as that does inspire her most glowing smiles, but also just from having someone around to share stories with who wasn't around during her darkest periods. But there are no guarantees for how long her friendship with Mikey will last, especially since he already fessed up about his underlying feelings, and it doesn't take a huge imagination to see how Emilio's return could cause friction in several areas in her life. If something happens that makes her change how she wants her future to go, that's quite the influence he still has. 

Which isn't to say that Emilio popping back up in Becky's life will automatically be a negative thing. While their situation was obviously complicated where his citizenship was concerned, not to mention Becky's alcoholism seriously affecting her parenting skills, it's not as if their relationship was nearly as troublesome as others in The Conners and Roseanne before it. So in this case, maybe it's a good thing her private life will get a little more complicated. (Emilio might be quite impressed with her sober sex drive, as well.) Perhaps Becky will also do some soul-searching that leads her to read some more of her mother's dour Bible scribbles

There are definitely Conners fans out there who want to see Becky and Emilio become an official couple again, even if it's not likely for the show to deliver two calamity-filled wedding episodes in a single season. But on the flip side, Becky's no-strings-attached fling with Darien Sills-Evans' Mikey has also won part of the fandom over. When it comes to that pairing, though, showrunner Bruce Helford's foreshadowing is a tad too loose to inspire any real confidence. 

We really love Mikey and Becky together, but we’ll see what happens with them.

How does everyone else feel about this deconstructed love triangle? I think we can all agree Becky and Emilio is a less dysfunctional coupling of exes than Darlene and David would be, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're perfectly suited to spend the future together. And if Mikey puts the work in during the meantime to keep winning Becky over, it'll probably make her next steps that much more difficult to take on. Sometimes it's easy to forget we're talking about a broadcast sitcom, isn't it?

The Conners and its characters' sporadic sex lives air on ABC every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET, but it's just one of many shows taking over the 2021 Fall TV schedule, so be sure to keep up.

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