How The Muppets’ Gonzo Would Do On The Walking Dead, According To Yvette Nicole Brown

Despite having taken part in all kinds of multi-genre adventures over the years, The Muppets never truly embraced the world of horror until this year's Disney+ special Muppets Haunted Mansion, the ingenius combination of Jim Henson's fun-loving creations and one of Disneyland's most iconic attractions. Considering how excellent the special is, one can only hope that the characters aren't too far away from making fright-filled projects. So it seemed only fitting when CinemaBlend spoke to Walking Dead superfan and MHM co-star Yvette Nicole Brown and Gonzo the Great for me to ask about the latter's chances of survival during a zombie apocalypse. 

While The Walking Dead's ever-expanding universe has brought about the brutal ends to untold numbers of characters big and small, Yvette Nicole Brown is of the belief that this would not be a fate to be suffered by Gonzo. As seen in our video above, here's how she put it:

Gonzo would be the last Muppet standing, because again, he has no fear. And he's also Gonzo the Great, so he gets into a lot of stunts and craziness and ballyho. So he would just be game to go and fight the walkers. So Gonzo would live.

Cue the hypest WWE entrance music you can find, because that's a statement that needs to be followed by a high-five-filled walk through fans. Not that Gonzo has an easy time of walking through crowds, or high-fiving people. But hey, if Yvette Nicole Brown thinks he's is badass enough to live through walker attacks, I'm not about to deny her beliefs. 

In following up on Brown's boast, Gonzo kinda flubbed his words. But I don't think "speaking correctly" has ever been a dependable way to kill off walkers, so this shouldn't reflect negatively on what his chances would be as a zombie-destroying warrior.

Yeah, I'm totally posted... I'm totally post-apocalyptic. It's hard to say.

For the record, Gonzo is also post-alpacalipstick, post-acropadipstick, Proust-iconoclastic, and Pabst-firstribbonistic. And don't anybody try to say those things aren't true. 

gonzo and pepe in limo driven by yvette nicole brown in muppets haunted mansion

(Image credit: DIsney+)

When I offered up the idea that Gonzo could weaponize his rather noteworthy schnoz to defend himself from walkers, the Muppet responded with the perfect amount of hyper-dry wit, saying:

Oh, yeah, and I love pain. So what's not to like?

I mean, we are talking about a character who has readily entered himself into cannons with the express purpose of being shot out of them (and not always into safety nets or anything of that nature). So he's quite used to risks and painful situations, even if he's not specifically accustomed to having zombies attempting to gnaw his fuzzy skin. 

If Gonzo the Great happened to show up in Alexandria during Season 11 — and let's just take a second to think about how truly and wonderfully bizarre that would be — it wouldn't even be the first time that the Muppet-verse would crossover with The Walking Dead. Back in 2017, Sesame Street delivered the segment "The Walking Gingerbread," with Cookie Monster in the role of Sheriff Lick Graham (a pun on Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes). Later that same year, the live performance event The Muppets Take the Bowl included a pre-taped segment feature Swedish Chef titled "The Walking Bread," in which he fought off moldy bread. 

Muppets fans definitely need to check out Muppets Haunted House, currently streaming on Disney+ (opens in new tab), while AMC is currently delivering undead mayhem every Sunday night via Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 and The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2.

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