I Can't Stop Thinking About Jennifer Coolidge's Candid Response To Getting Asked If She Ever Thought She'd 'Sweep' Awards Season

Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus on HBO
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Jennifer Coolidge has quickly become an awards season darling. One of her incredible back-to-back performances in HBO’s anthology series, The White Lotus, has earned her an Emmy, Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award. The Legally Blonde alum seems like she couldn’t be happier to be in the room, too. When she was recently asked if she ever saw an awards season "sweep" in her future, Coolidge gave a hilariously candid response, and I just can't get it out of my mind.

After taking home the Critics Choice Award at the ceremony, the Shotgun Wedding star seemed absolutely overwhelmed by the kinds of attention she was getting. Yahoo Entertainment asked her if she ever predicted she would be sweeping the awards circuit, and Coolidge seemed flabbergasted while responding:

No! No! I’m usually like- I have a big thing of popcorn and I’m watching!

She truly is a woman of the people. The star, like many of us, has spent many awards seasons curled up on the couch with a snack while watching big stars accept trophies for their career-defining performances. This thought alone is the biggest reason why I can't stop thinking about her comments. Now, she herself is finally having her own moment in the sun, and it’s so well deserved, as her performance as Tanya on The White Lotus is an absolute revelation and could not be more fun to watch. You can check out her humble answer in the video below:

While Jennifer Coolidge has had big movies and TV shows in the past -- including American Pie, Legally Blonde and Best In Show -- the HBO dramedy is the project that's really thrust her into the public consciousness. Her roles are all somewhat iconic and even if the ending of White Lotus Season 2 doesn't spell good news for the Tanya character, I have faith that creator Mike White will find a way to bring Coolidge back to the acclaimed series.

It would be an understatement to say that the 61-year-old Hollywood vet is experiencing a career resurgence. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the stars of Shotgun Wedding which stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. She told CinemaBlend that she had a blast training for the movie’s crazy action scenes and, based on the trailer, the film looks like a lot of fun. It's also looking likely that she'll return for the long-anticipated Legally Blonde 3, which fans of the original movies can’t wait to see. Plot details are still under wraps, but we do know Reese Witherspoon is returning to star in and produce the film. This is an exciting time for Coolidge, and her candid sentiments about her success are sure to resonate with many as time goes on.

Check out the star in Shotgun Wedding, which is currently available for Amazon Prime subscribers to stream. Fans can also revisit her tour de force performances in both seasons of The White Lotus, which is currently streaming with an HBO Max subscription. For more information on other series headed to streaming in the near future, make sure to consult our 2023 TV schedule

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