Legally Blonde 3 Looks To Be Happening With Reese Witherspoon

Elle Woods back for Legally Blonde 3

Elle Woods is about to bust out her pink perfumed resumes for one more movie. At least, according to the latest news on the Legally Blonde 3 front. Reese Witherspoon has seemed open to making another movies, even noting previously that the project hadn't been exactly dormant over the years. Now, it looks as if MGM is nearing a deal to bring Witherspoon back for the third movie in the franchise, and all these years later, she looks to be ready to bend and snap, once again.

It's looking as if the movie will hinge on whether or not Reese Witherspoon will return as Elle Woods. Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith and Karen McCullah are also in talks to come back to the franchise and write the script for the new movie. A director has not signed on, and according to Deadline, moving forward with a new script will be the logical next step for the project.

The project's plot is currently being kept under wraps, and since a script hasn't even been written yet, this should really come as no surprise. However, the movie is anticipated to be "in the spirit" of the original film and its follow-up, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, which came out way back in 2003.

Pitches for a potential Legally Blonde 3 have been bandied about throughout the years. Reese Witherspoon has previously revealed that they range from the logical to the absurd. Some logical previous pitches for a third film in the franchise have followed the progression of Elle Woods' career, with Witherspoon noting the character might have made it all the way up to the Supreme Court or might be holding office this days. Since we last saw Elle working for a Congresswoman in the sequel, DC could be the place she's at, as well. At the end of the second movie she even winks while passing the White House, hinting there could be a future there, as well. Manicured nails and a penchant for understanding endorphins can get you a long way, people! Still, there have also been absurd pitches, with Witherspoon once mentioning a future Elle Woods movie might see the character in jail. Yes, jail. She told Andy Cohen previously:

Somebody pitched me an idea the other day. ... Somebody thought it would be really funny if Elle went to jail.

What a weird way to up the ante. Regardless of what happens, reboots of older franchises have been really popular in Hollywood lately. Some of them have made good money for the studio and some have not fared quite so well. Only time will tell if fans are interested in seeing what an older, more mature (but hopefully still delightful) Elle Woods is like. As this project develops, we'll keep you updated with any and all points of interest. In the meantime, Reese Witherspoon has a new season of Big Little Lies on the way over at HBO. She's also involved in a TV project with Jennifer Aniston, and that has already landed a two season order. So, keep an eye out, because Reese Witherspoon looks like she'll be on both the big and small screen for the next few years.

Jessica Rawden
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