Ice-T Jokingly Says Mariska Hargitay Put Him ‘On Blast’ After She Revealed The Ridiculous Yet Amazing Nickname She Gave Him

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Ice-T has had a whirlwind of a career, which has spanned the past several decades and encompasses from music, TV and more. So it’s not surprising that he was one of the latest celebs to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His ceremony was a joyous occasion, and his Law & Order: SVU co-star, Mariska Hargitay, was among those who celebrated with him. Following the event, the rapper is sharing his reaction to Hargitay putting him "on blast" by revealing the nickname she has for him, which is sweet and funny.

Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T (whose actual name is Tracy Morrow) have worked together on the long-running NBC legal drama for over two decades now. So it's no surprise that they've grown close over the years. When Ice-T received his star, Hargitay spoke at the ceremony and revealed that he lets her call him a nickname that only she gets to call him: “Icy.” Morrow spoke with ET after the ceremony, and the rapper shared an honest and sweet take on his co-star's alternate moniker for him:

Yeah, you know, I told her to be careful with that, but she put me on blast. I love Mariska. Mariska's become a close friend. Like I say, how many friends have you had for 25 years that you see every day? You know? So, of course, we became close, and we understand we got a job to do, and we made a show that's been on longer than any other show.

It’s sweet to know that the two of them are so close that they have nicknames for each other. Most close friends have them, of course. It sounds like the Rhyme Pays artis is grateful for his relationship with the Olivia Benson actress and, now, I'm simply left wondering what nicknames he has for her. 

Fans may be reveling in the sweet and funny friendship between Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay, other fans were worried about the rapper’s relationship with his former SVU co-star Christopher Meloni. Rumors swirled that Ice-T and Meloni were feuding following the premiere of Organized Crime. Luckily, the rapper made sure to dispel those rumors and mentioned that he was even sent the alleged report to Meloni. It seems that, in the end, the two had a good laugh about the whole thing.

In addition to receiving his star, Ice-T was also the center of the SVU installment that aired the previous night. It was a major Fin episode that shed light on the character's experiences before he joined the Special Victims Unit. The episode also happened to air on the actor birthday, so it goes without saying that he's had a lot to be proud of as of late.

Chances are both he and Mariska Hargitay willl remain on SVU until the show completes its run. Though an endpoint does seem to be in sight right now, the Breakin' alum has shared thoughts on how Fin's story should end. As a fan, I'm hoping such a development doesn't happen anytime soon. NBC has yet to renew the series for Season 25, but chances are that the Manhattan Special Victims Unit sticks around longer, especially considering that the show still rakes in solid ratings. And for me, the show is only sweetened by the fact that the actors really do have warm relationships.

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