Issa Rae And Yvette Nicole Brown Respond After Insecure Premiere Sparks Negative Reactions From AKA Sorority Members

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Insecure fans rejoiced when the beloved HBO series finally returned for its fifth and final season this past weekend. While many enjoyed the first episode, some found one character to be somewhat problematic during the premiere. Apparently, some fans with ties to Black Greek life weren’t amused by Tiffany Dubois, who is depicted as an Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority member (and sports the organizations colors in multiple scenes). Some viewers decided to seek out Tiffany herself Amanda Seales and co-creator Issa Rae to let their feelings be known, and the stars, along with Yvette Nicole Brown, have responded.

The social media backlash began after some members of the Divine Nine questioned if Amanda Seales was part of the Black Greek life. After multiple reached out to her online, Seales took her Instagram Stories to quell the rumors. According to People, the Insecure star responded by revealing she was “not a soror” but stated that her character was. She also reminded her followers that she “didn’t write the character.” This didn’t appear to sit well with some devoted fans, who decided to take the issue to Issa Rae. Upon hearing and seeing the AKA backlash, the entertainer didn't mince words, as she shared a sarcastic response on Twitter:

Oh shit, let me tell @HBO to delete the one of the upcoming episodes then, hold on.

Following the sharp comeback on social media , an unexpected ally came to her, Amanda Seales and the HBO series’ defense. Community alum Yvette Nicole Brown took to Twitter to throw in her two cents about the backlash. (The actress wasn't a stranger to voicing her opinion.) Speaking as an AKA herself, Brown let it be known she wasn’t offended by the comedy’s portrayal of the historic sorority. Check out the star's blunt yet needed response to the backlash:

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Yvette Nicole Brown definitely understands what it's like to be heavily linked to a role. As she mentioned, even though she's a bit removed from her role on NBC's Community, many still believe she's synonymous with the fictional character. So being an AKA herself, the veteran actress spoke from a place of authority and understanding here. Though it should be pointed out that every person has their own opinion and is entitled to their opinions on a certain situation.

Those who are familiar with Black Greek life likely know how precious those colors and letters are to the Divine Nine. The Greek organizations just don’t allow any and every one to wear them without being a part of an actual Black sorority or fraternity. There are certain rules and codes they abide by, and their depictions in film and TV over the years haven't always been the best. In this case, it would seem that Tiffany DuBois’ portrayal was more about the love and sisterhood of the historic sorority tends to value.

At this point, it's unclear how much the organization will factor into the rest of the season. Viewers can look forward to seeing how Insecure Season 5 plays out, as new episodes premiere every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO. And be sure to check out our fall 2021 TV schedule for more on the shows you can look forward to at the end of this year.

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