James Gandolfini's Ex-Fiancée Dead Following 'Terrible Accident'

James Gandolfini on The Sopranos
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Lora Somoza, the ex-fiancée of late actor James Gandolfini, has reportedly died. While news of the sex therapist’s passing has only now just been made known to the public, Somoza actually died last year. Reports sadly indicate that her passing was the result of a “terrible accident” that occurred while she was at her mother’s house. She was only 51 at the time of her death.

According to the information that’s been revealed, she was at the home of her parents when the incident occurred on July 5, 2020. Lora Somoza was apparently by the couple’s swimming pool when she slipped and injured herself. Details of her death were revealed to The Sun by her friend, astrologist Zoe Moon, who told the news outlet:

She was at her parents’ house and she slipped, hit her head and drowned in the pool. Her mother found her, it was horrible. A terrible accident.

Aside from her work as a sex therapist, she was quite active on social media and also hosted her own podcast. The show, titled Between the Sheets, lasted for six years from 2010 to 2016. Over the course of the 272 episodes, she regaled listeners with advice on intimacy while also injecting some of her own personal experiences into the conversations. She also established a presence on Instagram, on which she’d share personal photos, specifically of her dog. In 2019, she marked her birthday with a funny and sweet post:

Lora Somoza reportedly first met James Gandolfini, known by many at the time for his role as Tony Soprano on HBO’s The Sopranos, while working on 2001’s The Mexican. Somoza was working as a production assistant on the film, which saw Gandolfini star alongside Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. The two eventually became engaged in 2003 but broke things off two years later. 

Zoe Moon described their relationship to The Sun, saying that the two were “just madly, insanely in love when they were together.” With this, Moon said it was “a sad thing” when the two parted ways. The astrologist claims the couple ultimately split due to differing ideas for their potential future, though Moon asserted her belief that they “were still in love with each other” even after they broke up. James Gandolfini passed away in 2013, also at the age of 51, and his former fiancée mourned his passing, just as much of the public did, fans and celebrities alike.

The astrology blogger also shared some sweet thoughts on her late friend, calling her “smart and very witty,” which was on full display during her podcasts. She continued:

She was beautiful and had a great sense of humour, which is just a great combination.

We here at CinemaBlend extend our thoughts to the family and loved ones of Lora Somoza as they continue to recover from this tragic incident.

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