Kanye West Ex Julia Fox Made A Dress Out Of Leaves But Isn't Sure She Can Wear It Because Her 'Booty Is All Out'

I don’t know who you follow and/ or obsessively stalk on social media, but if the list doesn’t include Julia Fox, you need to do some soul-searching and figure out where things have gone wrong in your life. The former Kanye West girlfriend/ Uncut Gems star is absolutely fabulous in all the weirdest and most artistic ways, and never has that been better exemplified than this past week when she decided to make a dress out of leaves. 

Now, let me clarify here for a second. She did not get inspired by leaves and then create a leaf-like dress. Julia Fox wandered around New York picking up actual leaves, brought them back to a studio and worked with Emma Fujiko, some resin, a hot glue gun and all the other supplies needed to make a dress. Obviously the end result is a stunner, though she says probably won’t be able to wear it in public because her “booty (is) all out in it.” Fortunately, she was kind enough to show it off extensively on TikTok. Check it out below…


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Near the end of the video, Julia Fox says, “anything can be clothes.” This is certainly evidence of that. It’s like she did a Project Runway unconventional materials challenge in real life, and she pulled it off in a real fun and polished way.

Her pulling this off shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who watches her TikTok videos. She’s all over the place with what she does and talks about, but there’s a semi-regular pattern of her taking on all kinds of projects. Whether it be making banana bread, drilling holes in her car to put on a license plate or fixing her clothes, she’s very willing to get her hands dirty on some DIY projects.

Of course, Julia Fox has spent the past several years attracting attention for far more than her dress-making exploits. The model earned rave reviews for her performance in Uncut Gems prior to the pandemic and suddenly became a buzzy it girl. She later had some very high profile dates with Kanye West immediately after he separated from Kim Kardashian. In the time since, she’s continued to generate headlines through her bold fashion choices and eccentric lifestyle, which has included wild moments like getting into a fight with a friend who destroyed her Birkin Bag with a machete

Obviously, the leaf dress isn’t the most functional thing in the world, especially not as a fall outfit in New York City. Fashion at its best, however, can be about so much more than just functionality. It can be having fun, making art and working on a project with a good friend that brings you together. As such, I cannot wait to see what Julia Fox whips together next. 

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