Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About New Talk Show Competition In Sherri Shepherd And Fellow Idol Vet Jennifer Hudson

Sherri Shepherd on The Wendy Williams Show, Kelly Clarkson on The Voice and Jennifer Hudson on a promo for The Jennifer Hudson Show.
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Kelly Clarkson may be taking over the coveted time slot that Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey previously held, but her domination of daytime TV is not guaranteed. While this spring marked the end for such talk show hosts as Wendy Williams, who was replaced after 13 seasons amid health struggles, and Nick Cannon, whose show was canceled after just one season, this fall brings the debut of some new faces to the game in Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson. Clarkson spoke about her new competition, saying she really doesn’t feel like she’s being pit against them.

Season 4 of The Kelly Clarkson Show will premiere on Monday, September 12. That’s the same day that Sherri and The Jennifer Hudson Show will air premiere episodes. While the trio may be fighting for some of the same audience, Kelly Clarkson told Variety she couldn’t be happier about the opportunity that all three of the women have. She said:

I am so excited for Sherri Shepherd. I’m so stoked for her. She’s one of my favorite guests. Literally, I pole-danced with her on my show. And I’m so excited for Jennifer Hudson. Who would have thought two girls from Idol would be doing this type of thing? There’s room for everyone. I just wanted to say that, because I don’t like how people pit us against each other. I want to be sure that everyone knows that we are supportive of each other. We are all so different, and daytime is an amazing platform for all of us to bring something positive into the world.

Talk about positivity! The original American Idol champion said that she, Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson all have the chance to bring something different to daytime television, and I’ve got to say that I love to see women supporting other women on this level. Shepherd seems to be on a similar wavelength to Clarkson, as she has spoken recently about wanting to stay away from the negativity that can sometimes be found on talk shows. Feedback from audiences of The Wendy Williams Show pointed out how “mean” the namesake host could be, and Shepherd hopes to create a more celebrity-friendly environment

You can count J-Hud right in there with them when it comes to those positive vibes. The Season 3 American Idol contestant said she hopes her audiences find inspiration from The Jennifer Hudson Show and “feel on top of the world by the time they leave.”

All three hosts seem to be ready to bring some really good energy to their upcoming seasons, and it will be interesting to see how their individual personalities play into their interviews and other segments. While Kelly Clarkson will definitely continue to incorporate music into her revamped talk show, Sherri Shepherd looks forward to filling a void in daytime TV with her background in comedy. EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson, for her part, has endless talents to display, so be it music, theater or something else, audiences should have a good variety to choose from.

They won’t have to wait long, either. The Kelly Clarkson Show, Sherri and The Jennifer Hudson Show are set to premiere on Monday, September 12, so check your local listings for time and channel. Also be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other premieres are coming up soon.

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