Lacey Chabert Shares Groundswell Stunt That Terrified Her And Former Hallmark Star Danica McKeller, Others, Reach Out

Lacey Chabert In promo for The Christmas Waltz.
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Lacey Chabert’s new Hallmark movie has premiered, and she has been sharing plenty of behind the scenes pictures from the set of Groundswell in beautiful Hawaii. The Mean Girls vet recently shared a video of her zip-lining for the movie and got responses from former Hallmark star Danica McKellar, as well as other current and former stars on the network.

Ahead of the film’s premiere, Lacey Chabert took to Instagram to share a pretty cool and terrifying video of her zip-lining – which is evidently something she’d never done before. She mentioned that she was actually able to zip-line and posted a video of her doing it along with sweet pictures, making note that she faced her fears:

Plenty of current and former Hallmark stars praised Chabert, including Danica McKellar. The Wonder Years vet jumped from Hallmark to rival network GAC Family but still shared her love and support for her friend:

Good job!! 🥰

Former Disney Channel star Kimberly J. Brown, who starred in the 2019 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder, shared a short message by expressing her thoughts on the stunt:

So cool!

Alicia Witt, whose last Hallmark credit is 2020’s Christmas Tree Lane, also commented, praising Chabert for the way she handled zip-lining:

this is amazing!! you did it…. sides in hand too 😂❤️

Jesse Hutch, star of Hallmark’s Christmas in Toyland (which premiered as part of the network’s annual Christmas in July lineup this summer), recalled some fond memories of him going zip-lining and even offered to go bungee jumping next with Lacey Chabert in the future:

Great song! And good times!!! I say we got the bungee jumping next!!! I’ve been about 12 times but it’s been a while. Always a bonus when you can do it for a film too. Well played. 🙌🤙🎬

Ahead of Groundswell’s premiere, Lacey Chabert also shared some fun pictures from the set, including some shirtless ones of her co-star, Ektor Rivera. It looks like she had a fun time filming in the Aloha State while trying some new things. And now that she’s currently hard at work on her next Christmas movie, Chabert is keeping busy, likely hoping she could film a winter flick in someplace warm and tropical. At least she has plenty of photos and videos to remember her time in Hawaii as she films her upcoming holiday feature.

Meanwhile, with Danica McKellar and other former Hallmark stars moving to GAC Family, Lacey Chabert has remained adamant about staying on the Christmas movie network. She’s opened up about the most rewarding part about being on Hallmark and Chabert even signed an exclusive multi-picture overall deal with Crown Media Family Networks for the next two years. So, for now, she’s not going anywhere.

With the summer season coming to a close, fans will be able to start look forward to the holiday season once again. With snow on the ground, Chabert will likely be doing less terrifying stunts like zip-lining and surfing in her upcoming work – but since details for her next Christmas film have yet to be released, anything seems possible. 

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