MTV Fans Were Mad About The VMAs Censoring Måneskin's Performance, But It Turns Out The Singer's Thong Wasn't The Reason

Måneskin frontman Damiano David bared a lot of man-skin when his band took the stage on August 28 for the MTV Video Music Awards. The band performed their song “Supermodel” during the awards show, and many fans expressed their displeasure after a good chunk of the performance was censored. It turns out, though, it wasn’t the singer’s assless chaps that raised a red flag with the show’s censors. It wasn't even bassist Victoria De Angelis’ pasty-covered nipple, but rather the full-blown wardrobe malfunction that left her completely topless for a bit while rocking out at the VMAs.

The MTV Video Music Awards were filled, as per usual, with some pretty epic moments, including Johnny Depp’s unexpected “comeback” and Taylor Swift dancing to all the performances. But home audiences missed the chance to witness one of the most highly anticipated performances in full, reportedly due to bassist Victoria De Angelis’ single-shouldered romper falling down to her waist, accidentally freeing the nipple that wasn't pasty-covered, according to Page Six. Overhead footage of the arena was looped in, as De Angelis didn’t miss a beat and kept going with the performance, clothing be damned. 

Apparently the censors did their job, because viewers watching on TV were unaware the wardrobe malfunction happened, and assumed the cameras had panned away due to either from Damiano David’s leather thong or the bassist’s other breast being mostly uncovered. (Some also just thought it was a general slight to the group, which seems far less likely than censorship reasons.) This Twitter user didn’t understand why Måneskin’s was censored in comparison to other things shown during the broadcast:

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MTV isn’t usually very censor-heavy during its awards shows, which often produce some huge pop culture moments (we all remember Miley Cyrus’ foam finger, right?). So it's no wonder fans were confused by the network's presumed clutching of pearls over something like assless chaps. Some pointed at other musical performances from the very same telecast, specifically Nicki Minaj’s medley as she accepted the Video Vanguard Award. This fan wondered why a covered nipple would bother the network but not the rapper’s wild 10-minute number:

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But even fans who were privy to the info about the actual wardrobe malfunction were still wondering why we’re still afraid of the nipple. They pointed out on Twitter that the male singer was shirtless and in chaps, while questioning why a breast would cause such a reaction. 

justice for #Maneskin !! let's make nipples free to be seen! a man with a shirtless and buttocks out is fine, the woman's breasts are censored! shitty misogynists!

Regardless of having a portion of their on-stage time not shown to the home audience, the band should still count the night as a win. Måneskin walked away with a Moonman, winning the award for Best Alternative Video for “I Wanna Be Your Slave” — though Victoria De Angelis made it obvious she will not be a slave to her clothing, or to putting modesty ahead of her art.

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