Nick Kroll Had An Allergic Reaction On Vacation, And The Pictures Are All Kinds Of Yikes

Nick Kroll in Roar
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Actor and comedian Nick Kroll has been building up his voice-acting career for years now, and stars in Netflix's popular animated series Big Mouth, as well as its star-filled spinoff Human Resources. That obviously doesn't mean he's ceased all live-action performing, and Kroll almost looked like he'd developed a new Kroll Show character when sharing pictures of an allergic reaction he suffered while on vacation.

Nick Kroll took to Instagram to share pics from his recent vacation, but as indicated above, fans weren't made privy to lots of gorgeous landscapes, water views or other tourist-leaning visuals. Instead, Kroll offered up a couple of highly uncomfortable-looking pics showing off how swollen his face became. Check it out below.

I can’t imagine that tons of high-profile entertainers would be quick to share pics like these, but Nick Kroll has never been one to hesitate before having self-deprecating fun in one way or another. At least he’s wearing a vacation-appropriate hat in the first pic, and not like a big diaper or something. I mean, unless his vacation just so happened to be at a place where big diapers are part of the required dress code.

Nick Kroll appears to be in a doctor’s office for his second pic, in which he looks a bit more worse off, though that could just be from the silly face he’s making. A face that several people in the comments — such as comedian and former Disney star Joey Bragg — compared to that of filmmaker Judd Apatow. Other comedians that earned comparisons to Nick Kroll’s allergic reaction face were Bert Kreischer and Jeff Ross, while recent headline-maker Bam Margera was also brought into the conversation.

Among all the jokey comments were reactions from others in the comedy world and beyond, such as those listed below. 

  • Seth Rogen: Oh nooooo
  • Chelsea Handler: I feel like this is a very Jewish vacation.
  • Alison Brie: Nooooooooo!!
  • Emily V Gordon: Nick!!! Holy shit who hurt you?
  • Amy Sedaris: I love that you are showing us. You are so funny
  • Cynthia Erivo: OH NO!!!
  • Jonah Ray: Oof! Feel better dude. Also, quickly make this into a character.
  • Sam Huntington: Buddy. No. Fuck. You look like pre-baked focaccia.

Nick Kroll’s former The League co-stars Paul Scheer and Steve Rannazzisi also chimed in, among many others. Here’s hoping all went will for Kroll after all that, considering he later posted that he’s going forward with a previously rescheduled TikTok Live event, in which he and others will be performing a live table read of a Human Resources episode. Expect the above pics to come up at some point.

For all that fans adore Nick Kroll for his comedic roles — many of which can be streamed right now — his next big project will be within a completely different genre. He’ll be co-starring in the thriller Don’t Worry Darling opposite Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde (who also directed), Chris Pine, Harry Styles and more. Other comedy stars like Timothy Simons and Kate Berlant are also in the mix, lest anyone thing Kroll is alone in that respect.

Big Mouth and Human Resources are both available to stream for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

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