Nickelodeon Vet Josh Peck Shows Support For ‘Brave’ iCarly Alum Jennette McCurdy Amid The Release Of Her Memoir

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Jennette McCurdy has been making waves lately due to the release of her candid memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, in which she opens up about her former life as a child actor. The former iCarly actress has gotten support from her fans on the book’s controversial title and her brutal honesty in it. Now, McCurdy has added another person to her growing list of supporters -- fellow Nickelodeon vet Josh Peck. After her memoir was released, Peck shared some incredibly kind words, even calling his friend "brave."

The Drake & Josh alum shared his highly positive thoughts on the iCarly vet and her memoir while speaking with Page Six. Josh Peck mentioned that he was all in to read the former actress’ book, having witnessed her wit and thoughtfulness during their interactions throughout the years. In the actor's own words:

I think she is incredibly brave to tell her story and to be as honest as she is. I think one of her great talents is her wit and how thoughtful she is and as soon as I was able to pick up the book I did because I really wanted to see the way she told her story.

Like his friend, Josh Peck released a very candid memoir, Happy People Are Annoying, this year. In it, he opened up about the hurdles he faced as a former child star, including his weight struggles and year-long battle with drug and alcohol addictions. So he’s all about being an open book and telling your truth no matter how tough it is to do so. The former Sam Puckett actress has been talking about her life as a child star for some time, including the fact that she's felt ashamed of her Nickelodeon past. Her book allowed her to expand upon those sentiments while revealing some surprising details.

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In the eye-opening memoir, the star's unwavering candor allowed her to touch on everything, from her complicated relationship with her late mother to her jealousy of Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande. (The latter apparently reached a fever pitch after the pop star went to a family game with two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks.) Jennette McCurdy even delved into her eating disorders and inappropriate relationship with a man only known as “The Creator.” While her stories have grabbed headlines, the book’s controversial title caught fans off guard, leading McCurdy to open up about her reasons for the name -- which came to her after analyzing the daughter-mother relationship in therapy for years.

At present, Jennette McCurdy is focusing on her directing career. With that, she chose not to reprise her role as Sam Puckett in the iCarly revival. Her decision was supported by former co-star Miranda Cosgrove, who explained her feelings about McCurdy not returning. Despite her absence the reboot, the show did address Sam’s absence by explaining that she's living out her biker gang dreams. While McCurdy won’t appear on the show anytime soon, Josh Peck did reunite with his TV stepsister, as he popped up in two episodes of Season 2 as Carly’s manager, Paul. Cosgrove mentioned that reuniting with her Drake & Josh co-star was a full-circle moment. While it would be great to see McCurdy have that kind of moment with the Nick stars, you have to love that she's focusing on new endeavors while still receiving support from her old colleagues.

If you want to know why the memoir has received rave reviews, check out I’m Glad My Mom Died, which is currently available at all retail and online bookstores. And if you're in the mood to revisit the OG iCarly series or Drake & Josh, you can get Paramount+ subscription and stream away!

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