Night Court’s Melissa Rauch Explains How The New Show Got Her Thinking About A Big Bang Theory Revival

In the era of revivals, reboots, and reimagining, Melissa Rauch found post-Big Bang Theory success with the Night Court revival. Sticking with the sitcom world was an easy decision for the comedic actress. Headlining the NBC reboot had Rauch thinking about her earlier comedy series, and the Night Court star explained why the revival has her wanting a revival of The Big Bang Theory.

The sitcom vet had been promoting the NBC reboot (currently available through a Peacock subscription). However, watching Rauch promote the comedy had Big Bang Theory fans wanting her and the cast to reunite for a revival. Much like the fans, the comedic actress is interested in reprising her role as Bernadette but doesn't want to do it anytime soon since the CBS sitcom ended in 2019. Looking at the time lapse between the original Night Court and the reboot made Rauch think about a potential Big Bang Theory reboot taking place decades from now. The actress explained her thinking to Looper:

The only way that I had the thought was when I was talking to John about him coming back [to 'Night Court']. I did think about what that would feel like if someone was coming to me 30 years from now asking me if I would come back. We had those conversations because I wanted him to know that the same way I would want someone to protect the legacy of what I had done with this group of friends years ago, I would want that done for him as well. But at this moment, I'd be like, 'Ah, no, [‘The Big Bang Theory’] ended so perfectly.' I would never want to tamper with that.

The Big Bang Theory series finale was one of the better endings of a show in recent memory as seen in its high ratings. The final apartment alone was the perfect ending scene. All the characters’ storylines were left open while wrapping up the CBS sitcom nicely. The series was the top-rated comedy for many seasons while raking up multiple accolades. Working with John Larroquette on Night Court was about carrying the original series’ legacy without ruining it. She wants to make sure the same care is given to Big Bang if the classic CBS comedy is revived.

Fans could see the cast together again in another forum other than reprising their Big Bang Theory roles again. The Big Bang Theory alum mentioned that a reunion special (a la Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) may happen sooner than a reboot of the CBS sitcom. In her words:

I could see that happening. A revival right now — I'd be like, 'Nah, I don't think so.' But 30 years from now, if someone came knocking on my door the way I did to John — never say never.

Melissa Rauch just wants the same courtesy given to her that she did with the Dan Fielding actor. It would be nice to catch up with Bernadette and co. in three decades to see how their lives have played out since the series finale. Maybe her willingness to reprise Bernadette will inspire a young writer, producer, or actor to approach her in the same manner one day. The only hiccup would be rebuilding the sets after they were torn down following the finale taping.

So, with that said, for now, let’s focus on the Night Court revival, which airs on Tuesdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. If you want to watch the original NBC series, catch all nine seasons by getting a Prime Video subscription. In the meantime, you can revisit every season of The Big Bang Theory through an HBO Max subscription.

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