'Oh. My. Lanta,' After Candace Cameron Bure Exits Hallmark, Her New Network Is All In On Full House

Following the likes of Danica McKellar and others leaving Hallmark, Candace Cameron Bure became one of the latest stars to shift to new network GAC Family, and now she’s hyping one of her other major projects at the network. That would be none other than Full House, the TGIF series that really kicked Bure’s career into gear and led to even more popularity later when Netflix picked up its sequel Fuller House. Now, she’s hyping up these projects as she preps to make her debut on a new network. 

In a post just a few days after news broke that Bure would be shifting to the new network, Candace Cameron Bure opened up about Full House and even Fuller House re-runs available on her new network too. She topped off her sweet post with a quote reference that ardent fans will absolutely recognize and identify with. Take a look at her fun Instagram post: 

Episodes of Full House and Fuller House actually hit GAC Family earlier this year, but the shift to the new cabler is more significant now that the channel has actually landed Candace Cameron Bure. We know the popular Christmas movie star will be doing holiday content at GAC Family. In addition, a recent report revealed that one of Bure’s first new projects will be a “Thanksgiving Programming Event” that will have her hosting in what seems like it may be similar to what the actress has done in the past on Hallmark during the holiday season with its "Countdown to Christmas" slate. 

Why is this significant? Well, if she doesn’t end up filming a ton for GAC Family in the meantime, it could be a while before the cabler has built up a library of Bure titles in the same way that Hallmark has. Ergo, the Full House and Fuller House reruns are actually kind of an important tie-in here. 

It's not uncommon for cablers to fill out network rosters with syndicated shows. Hallmark does something similar with Golden Girls and other syndicated programs. Assumedly the TGIF series and its spinoff should be a good fit for GAC Family as well, given the network focuses on content that is "relentlessly family-friendly," as noted in a previous interview head honcho Bill Abbott gave on Up Next with John Contratti.

Of course, you don't need GAC family to catch D.J. Tanner and the gang. You can always watch Fuller House on Netflix streaming, as well. Also worth pointing out: the Fuller House gang has talked about another potential reunion at some point, as well, even following the tragic loss of Bob Saget earlier this year.  

Regardless, once Bure is on the network in full force, expect plenty of fun content from the star. Even though Candace Cameron Bure has spoken about "the pressure" that comes with making holiday films, those are expected to be a major part of her output.

Jessica Rawden
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