Hallmark’s Candace Cameron Bure On The ‘Pressure’ That Comes With Starring In The Network’s Christmas Movies

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It can be tough to build a solid career after being known as a child star on a popular sitcom, and some stars don’t make it past one-hit wonders before finding another career path. There are some stars, though, that become major stars in their own right. As for Full House’s Candace Cameron Bure, she’s basically become the poster actress for Hallmark Christmas movies, and apparently it’s harder than it sounds. The A Shoe Addict’s Christmas star has now opened up about the pressures that come with making Hallmark Christmas films. 

When you make a lot of films and series within the same type of genre, it’s reasonable to believe that they may start to blend together a bit. In an interview with E!, Candace Cameron Bure shares that she takes great care to not repeat the kinds of stories she wants to tell, and that she wants to make films that fans want to rewatch every holiday season. Here it is in her own words:

I want to produce a great film that people are going to love and want to watch over and over again and look forward to it every Christmas season. … So there's always pressure to not have a repeat story; the repeat beats, the same tropes that you can fall into with a Hallmark film. There's pressure, but I'm very aware of what those elements are and try my best to make it fresh and new every year.

There are plenty of tropes that people love to make fun of Hallmark for, and then there are all of the tropes of romantic Christmas movies. Candace Cameron Bure’s apparent acting sweet spot combines both of those genres. That means that Bure has double the tropes she needs to watch out for in order to make sure she is still putting out quality content that she considers great. 

Everyone is getting into the romantic Christmas movie game these days, which makes Candace Cameron Bure’s vigilance in living up to the pressure more important than ever. Over the last ten years, Bure has put out ten movies centered around the holiday film genre with another film just recently released. 

While some of her films have made use of some popular tropes, like time travel and body swaps, she hasn’t really done a trope more than once herself. This seems to keep both Hallmark and fans coming back for more of her in holiday films, because they can trust to expect something new with an actress they love as the leading lady. 

Watching a new Candace Cameron Bure Christmas film has become a type of a tradition for fans, and something fun to look forward to even during bad times. While The Christmas Contest is her most recent release, it is reasonable to say that we can expect another film around the holidays next year, even if one has not yet been announced.

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