One Of Big Brother's Most Memorable Showmances Has Called It Quits, And There's More

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans
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Big Brother is a show that can change lives in ways that go beyond just winning the game. In fact, the CBS series has seen quite a few of its showmances develop into successful relationships, although one of the most iconic couples to come from the show has reportedly called it quits. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are said to have called off their engagement, and there’s allegedly more to the story to tell. 

After getting engaged back in January of 2021, it’s now being reported that Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen are no longer together. News of the breakup arrived via Us Weekly, which cited multiple sources the couple are done after first meeting during Big Brother Season 20. 

The article added from one insider that Crispen and Rummans haven’t been together for a while, and the reason it may have taken so long for news to get out is that the split started as a “break.” There was reportedly uncertainty in regard to whether or not they would reconcile. Rummans and Crispen have yet to offer any public comments on the report, despite calling out the outlet previously when rumors of a cheating scandal sprung up

Big Brother fans who keep up with Houseguests outside of binging the show with their Paramount+ subscription may not be surprised by this news. There was speculation online that Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen were having trouble when they stopped posting and sharing pictures together on social media. 

Additionally, Angela Rummans appears to be on a long vacation and has traveled to New York, Paris, and Bali without Tyler Crispen anywhere in sight. Big Brother fans also noticed she’s not sporting her engagement ring, which further supported the theory that they weren’t together. 

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans first met in the Big Brother house during Season 20, and over the course of weeks in the game, finally started a showmance. They even famously professed their love for each other while still in the house and became a popular couple for fans to follow on social media. 

For now, the story remains a mystery as far as what went wrong in Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen’s relationship. When Crispen was on Season 22 of Big Brother All-Stars, he frequently spoke of Rummans and how much he missed her while participating in the season, and Rummans contacted the FBI to report people making threats about him on Twitter. She later competed in The Challenge: USA and Crispen shared a message of support on Instagram when it was first announced. 

Now that both are reportedly single, it’d be interesting to see what, if any, reality shows they might appear on in the future. I’d wager there are a few fans that would love to see Angela Rummans play Big Brother again without Tyler Crispen by her side. The same would be true for Crispen, though since he’s already appeared twice, maybe it’s time for “The Ice Queen” to make her big return? 

Anything is possible, I’d wager, especially with Big Brother 25 on the way at CBS. Binge the previous seasons in the meantime on Paramount+, and revisit some of the other classic showmances of the past. 

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