Reba Alum Shares Thoughts On Possibly Reuniting With Reba McEntire For A Revival

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Fans have been clamoring for a Reba reboot for years now, and the hype doesn't seem to be dimming. Of course, series star Reba McEntire has been championing a reunion, though she's also cited scheduling issues as the reason for any kind of reboot not having happened yet. (There have been a couple of mini Reba reunions over the years, though.) As McEntire continues to look over the possibility of a follow-up to the beloved sitcom, another series alum has spoken up about possibly reuniting with her to revisit the Hart family once again.

Of course, most viewers know Steve Howey for playing Kevin Ball on Shameless but, before her starred on the Emmy-nominated drama, he played Reba’s goofy football star son-in-law, Van Montgomery, on the WB/CW sitcom. While he’s come a long way since the series, Howey still gets asked whether he would play Van again if a reboot were to happen. While promoting his new CBS series, True Lies, he spoke to ET about whether he was open to starring alongside McEntire for a revival, and his answer is sure to delight fans:

Yeah, I mean, I don't even know because when I played Van on that show, I was in my early 20s. And to see where Van is now and where the family is, I mean I would do anything. Reba says, 'Jump,' and I'll say, 'How high?'

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So the actor is down if Reba McEntire can get the wheels in motion. It’s nice to know the connection viewers saw between their two characters on screen filtered to the co-stars’ real-life relationship. During the same interview, he also praised the Big Sky star for being “an amazing mentor” as the series lead.

Though Steve Howey has proven to be a multi-faceted actor, fans will likely always see him as goofy Van. The now-45-year-old actor played the role during all six seasons of the show. It's interesting to think about where Van would be in his life all these years later.

The series finale saw Van and Reba’s daughter, Cheyenne, moving back in with the Hart matriarch after a small house fire. One can only imagine whether the couple and their children are still living with Reba or have moved out and are thriving as a family. Chances are it's the latter, but a revival could throw a curveball.

Even if Steve Howey and Reba McEntire don't reunite for another sitcom, it sounds like he wouldn't mind collaborating in another way. Howey spilled that he offered to give fans a nice callback to their show during one of McEntire’s concerts. He mentioned pitching an idea to join her on stage and call her “Mrs. H” before she sings the show’s iconic theme “I’m a Survivor.” However, the singer turned down the idea down, saying she didn’t “have time” to do it. Let's hope that if things work out, though, she'll be calling Howey to ask if he's willing to reprise Van.

While the fandom waits for official news on the reboot, they can rewatch every season of Reba by streaming it with a Hulu subscription. In the meantime, check out Steve Howey on the TV adaptation of True Lies on CBS every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST.

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