Reputation Manager Says T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach's Relationship May Be 'Suffocating' After Ousting, But Not So Fast

While GMA3 hadn’t boasted the likes of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach for the nearly two-month stretch that followed their romantic relationship being publicized, the two journalists officially left the network at the end of January. It’s not known yet what’ll be next for their professional careers, and the pair seemingly haven’t had many big problems with their extended hiatus from ABC News. One reputation expert used to dealing with Hollywood PR incidents spoke out about the couple likely experiencing some personal turmoil behind the scenes, given all of the attention they’ve garnered, but is that actually the case for Holmes and Robach? 

What A Reputation Expert Thinks About T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach

ABC officially cut ties with T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach following an internal investigation that looked into various rumors about their on-set behavior, as well as digging into Holmes’ past alleged workplace relationships. By and large, it seems like this was the best move to make for all involved, but such a high-attention situation like that may make it harder for both of them to land follow-up gigs on a similar scale. Not to mention the idea that public outings will possibly always bring a certain kind of attention from onlookers. 

According to Eric Schiffer, the Chairman of the L.A. firm Reputation Management Consultants, Holmes and Robach are likely feeling a lot of pressure from all sides, using the term “suffocating” to make his point. Here’s how he put it to The U.S. Sun:

I’m sure that their relationship is suffocating on some levels because to go from such a high of romantic excitement and co-appearing on the same show successfully to a grisly ending is really tough emotionally. I’m sure they both have questions about if they made the right move.

To be fair, a basic version of that description can be applied to just about any new relationship. The earliest days are usually the most exciting and jubilant for romantic partners, with the joy of discovering guiding things. What's not so common, however, is for that period to be bungled up by a national TV network investigation and mass amounts of public scrutiny. So it's easy to see how those kinds of pressures might have a negative effect on Holmes and Robach as they figure out where to go next.

But is that actually the case for the journo duo? Robach's recent birthday may indicate otherwise.

T.J. Holmes Bought A Promise Ring For Amy Robach's 50th Birthday

Amy Robach turned 50 years old on Monday, February 6, and it looks like T.J. Holmes wanted her to celebrate their coupling as much as her own legacy. According to the DailyMail, Holmes was seen purchasing a $650 gold promise ring from David Yurman's downtown Manhattan location — specifically the 18-karat gold Unity Cable ring — and was then seen inside a nearby Tiffany & Co. buying a gold chain, which he then looped the ring into.

It's clear that Holmes (and presumably Robach) want to express their shared love publicly now that the threat of ABC's investation is no longer looming large. The main obstacles left in their way are their respective estranged spouses, though formal divorce proceedings are reportedly on the way. 

To that end, one of the outlet's sources called the duo "more in love than ever," which doesn't sound too heavily like they're desperate and suffering from the pressure. If their ABC exits had led to a break-up, it'd be easier to picture them suffocating behind closed doors, as it were. But they seem to be too in love for negative feelings to completely take over.

ABC has certainly moved on with few regrets, quickly altering the opening for GMA3 to reflect T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach no longer being with the company. 

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