Ryan Reynolds Confirms Secret Super Bowl Commercial Role A Lot Of Fans Missed

The Super Bowl has come and gone once again, and with it came what some are calling the best halftime performance in history and of course, the iconic commercials. As always, some of the Super Bowl commercials were obviously filled with A-Listers, but a lot of fans managed to miss Ryan Reynolds’ Super Bowl commercial contribution.

McDonald’s was one of many companies to air a Super Bowl commercial, and it was a pretty relatable one at that. It involved customers and even some familiar faces trying to figure out what to order. Though when it came to McDonald’s purple character Grimace, Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin couldn’t help but note a familiar voice to let fans in on what they missed. And the Deadpool star confirmed the suspicion on Twitter:

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In pure Ryan Reynolds fashion, the actor didn’t even promote the commercial until it came time to admit that he was actually part of it. And the only way he did confirm it was with his own company. While I never imagined Reynolds voicing a McDonald’s mascot, Grimace weirdly fits. It does make me wonder how he was approached for this. Or did he come up with it? Either way, it’s hilarious and may make you want to rewatch the commercial to see if you caught it!

It should be pointed out that Ryan Reynolds’ surprise role comes in the midst of his acting break. After the Canadian actor wrapped filming on the movie Spirited with Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer, he announced that he is taking “a little sabbatical” from acting. It’s not too much of a surprise since he has been working an awful lot between movies, his gin company, and being a dad. But with him voicing Grimace for a couple of seconds, it was likely an easy yes. Plus, with small children, having an in with McDonald’s is not a bad thing, either.

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl had some other pretty memorable commercials, that even included a new Doctor Strange trailer. Celebrities who were more clearly part of commercials include Guy Fieri, Zendaya, Mike Meyers and his fan-favorite Austin Powers role, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, and plenty more. Now Ryan Reynolds can publicly join that list with his short, but memorable role as Grimace.

Hopefully, Ryan Reynolds will continue to use his voice for other projects, though it is nice to see him taking a break and likely spending some much-needed quality time with his wife Blake Lively and their daughters. Fingers crossed we get a Grimace movie in the future and he’s played by Reynolds because let’s be honest, he really does fit the role perfectly, even if all he said was “uhhhh.” In case you missed the commercial, check it out now!

Even though Ryan Reynolds is on an acting break, he still has movies coming out. His upcoming film, The Adam Project, has already received positive reviews, so while he may not be portraying a purple McDonald’s character, make sure to check him out in the movie, out March 11! Also, be sure to check out our always-updating 2022 Netflix movie schedule!

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