Say Yes To The Dress’ Randy Fenoli Proposed To His Boyfriend, And It Involved 50 People And A Luxury Hotel

Randy Fenoli On Say Yes To The Dress.
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Randy Fenoli is used to helping other people get their happy endings as one of the stars of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, but it looks like he’s finally going to have his own big day to focus on. The reality star and fashion extraordinaire proposed to his boyfriend Mete Kopal on Saturday, and he got a yes in front of fifty friends and family members.

That’s not a typo. Fenoli invited fifty friends and family members close to himself and his soon to be husband because he wanted to make it “really special” and create a moment they’d fondly remember for the rest of their lives. He was so committed to pulling the whole thing off in grand fashion that he worked with an event planner for the proposal itself. Her name is Marcy Blum, and here’s how she described it in an interview with People

Randy's vision was over-the-top, lush décor, a big wow moment and all his family and friends in one room to celebrate his proposal to Mete. He really wanted to surprise Mete with a beautiful moment for him to remember always.

The proposal itself was way over-the-top in all the best ways. Fenoli told his soon-to-be husband that they were going to Museum Of Modern Art but they instead went to the luxurious Marmara Park Avenue Hotel. There, they were greeted by fifty friends and family members, and the fashion favorite got down on one knee and proposed while coldsparks went off. 

After the yes, the couple celebrated with everyone who was in attendance, as well as extended family and friends who joined over Zoom. There was a specialty Turkish food station for guests to eat from, and there was also a sampling of more traditional appetizers for friends and family to munch on. 

The Turkish food was in celebration of Kopal, as he’s originally from Turkey. He was working as a restaurant and bar manager back in January when he met Fenoli, and the two hit it off immediately, much to the surprise of the reality star. He was convinced he’d probably be single forever and not have his dream wedding, but that all changed when he met Kopal. 

The flashy proposal took a few months to plan. How long the wedding might take to plan is unclear. The couple have not surprisingly already picked out their outfits, but they’re still asking bigger questions about what they want the wedding to be. Right now they’re thinking about possibly taking a Princess Cruise to Italy and Greece before disembarking for a ceremony in Istanbul that could be attended by his friends and family in Turkey. Nothing is finalized yet though, so I’d expect to what a lot more.

Part of what has made viewers connect so much with Randy Fenoli during his long run on Say Yes To The Dress, which now has spinoffs, is his commitment to getting the bride the look she wants, specific to her own taste. Sometimes that’s understated and sometimes that’s over the top. You can tell, however, that deep down, he really appreciates an over-the-top wow moment. I’m so happy for him that he got his here.

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