Selling Sunset Star Says She Was Almost On The Bachelorette, Claims Ellen DeGeneres Cost Her The Gig

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Among the bevy of Netflix’s original reality series, none have quite gripped audiences by the neck like Selling Sunset. The high-end California real estate premise, with high-end co-worker spats, has reportedly even been greenlit for two more seasons ahead of Season 5’s release. To add to its success, there are spinoffs taking off in other time zones as well. But apparently, one flagship star says her time in the reality niche limelight could’ve been much sooner because she was almost on The Bachelorette. She claims Ellen DeGeneres cost her the gig, though.

According to Chrishell Stause in her recently released memoir, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took A Little Work, she was supposed to be part of Bachelor Nation eons before she headlined on Netflix. Per Insider, the Selling Sunset alum wrote that ABC intended for her to be their next Bachelorette in Season 4 in 2008. The network was about to announce Stause’s position, but then Ellen DeGeneres had an interview with the then-slighted contestant from Brad Womack’s Bachelor season on her daytime talk show. This evidently changed the game and, ultimately, history itself. Stause shared:

DeAnna Pappas went on Ellen and talked about getting rejected by Brad, and Ellen declared that DeAnna should be the next Bachelorette. Fans rallied around, the network listened, and my announcement was pulled. I never got the chance to hand out that fateful rose. I was in my mid-twenties at the time, and I was definitely bummed.

It makes sense that Chrishell Stause was an option for Bachelorette, given that she was already a series regular on the network’s soap opera All My Children for many years. It would’ve been all-in-the-family, so to speak. But Stause might’ve just been disappointed in the romance department had it really come to fruition – because Bachelor Nation isn’t exactly known for having a high success rate with couples. Heck, even DeAnna Pappas’ ultimate choice that year in question, Jesse Csincsak, didn’t pan out in the long run.

It’s entirely possible, though, that the reality TV star could one day fulfill her 20-somethings dream of being the next Bachelorette. She in fact already had a stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She’s also newly single

Yet the Selling Sunset alum’s love life has already been complicated enough in front of cameras. Her ex-husband, This Is UsJustin Hartley, famously sent her a text notifying her of his divorce plans in 2019. Chrishell Stause wrote in her tell-all that it almost made her stop filming the Netflix series at the time. Her latest relationship with her boss at the Oppenheim Group is supposedly the focus of the upcoming fifth season, but they’ve already broken up in the interim over opposing family goals. Nevertheless, she claims to be “proud” of how they handled things.

All in all, Chrishell Stause might want to stick with cocktail arguments on Selling Sunset rather than Bachelorette shenanigans. But, should she be interested in still giving out a final red rose to the man of her dreams, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is not long for this world, so not even DeGeneres herself could stop her (if that's how things really went down).

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