After Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause Opened Up About Divorce From Justin Hartley, She Talks Being ‘Proud’ Of Her And Jason Oppenheim’s Romance

screenshots of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim on Selling Sunset
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Chrishell Stause went through the ringer when Justin Hartley famously decided to divorce her during production of Selling Sunset's third season in 2019. In her new tell-all memoir, Stause recalled that the relationship with the This Is Us actor was so much a part of her “identity” that the inevitable breakup made it difficult to continue filming. She ultimately persevered and has headlined the Netflix show for two subsequent seasons, despite apparent fan complaints about her “annoying” personality, too. Amidst promoting the new book, the reality star has also opened up about being “proud” of her failed romance with Jason Oppenheim.

As far as beginnings go, it came as a major shock to fans to learn that Chrishell Stause had taken up dating her boss at the real estate agency that Selling Sunset focuses on. (It was the same boss, as well, who dated her co-star/co-worker, Mary Fitzgerald, in the past.) They went Instagram official last July but would break up before the end of 2021. However, unlike when Stause commented on ex Justin Hartley (that she wouldn't have treated him how he treated her), the star has a much more loving reflection about ex Jason Oppenheim. She told USA Today:

I am really proud of the relationship. I really love Jason. I know he loves me. I know our brains are so programmed to think of relationships as successes or failures, and the only version of success is if you ride off into the sunset together forever. I really think there's a new version of that, where it's if you enter into something with respect and love, and you exit something with respect and love, I think that's a success. Not everything is meant to be forever.

It was clear from their breakup statements on social media that Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim love each other and, simultaneously, that they had two different objectives when it comes to kids. Stause clearly wants her own children and has even taken to promoting the goods, so to speak, herself online. Oppenheim’s ex, Mary Fitzgerald, and her own, husband Romain Bonnet, both recently confirmed to Us Weekly that they know for a fact that Oppenheim still loves Stause. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald indicated that their boss just “didn’t feel it was right” for him to have kids.

Much like the demise of her marriage to Justin Hartley, the star's breakup with her boss will supposedly be featured on Selling Sunset's upcoming fifth season, which is expected in the spring. The teaser for it suggests that the sudden romance also causes some tension amongst the cast. (As if there wasn't already enough drama to go around with the reality series.)

Additionally, reports indicate that the show has already been greenlit by Netflix for Seasons 6 and 7. One would think that having to do several more years of filming with one’s ex would be majorly tedious. But if Jason Oppenheim’s good rapport with Mary Fitzgerald – as well as it seems with Chrishell Stause – is any indication, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. 

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