Shakira Rocked Cutouts And Underboob During Her Jimmy Fallon Performance, And The Whole Thing Was Super Impressive

Shakira has had several notable fashion moments of late, most recently when she rocked a sheer look for her brand-new music video for “TQG.” She kicked off her weekend right with an appearance on Jimmy Fallon where she rocked pants with cutouts and an underboob-baring top, then put on a killer performance. I’m totally impressed with her chutzpah to throw on that look for that highly energetic song, to be honest. 

With the underboob look, Shakira joins a club including Snow White live-action actress Rachel Zegler, Aubrey Plaza, who showed off a daring look at the SAG Awards, and Megan Fox, who is often at the cutting edge of these sorts of fashion trends. What Shakira does not have in common with these women is that she rocked an underboob look while giving a totally energetic performance of “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53," as seen below.

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In general, most people who saw Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl halftime show should know the pop singer can really put on a performance ( even when it garners complaints), so it should be no surprise that her stint on Fallon was so memorable and energetic. However, I have to point out this whole thing looks like a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen, and it's super impressive she fearlessly danced around while rocking a look like this one. Sure, there was probably some tape or fabric involved, but not everyone would be capable of throwing on a look like this while doing a stationary activity, forget putting on a great show.

I'm not the only one who was impressed. Shakira fans were here for the look and the performance, posting a slew of nice comments and more fire emojis than I could count on the Instagram page for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Fans also shared myriad opinions, with comments calling her "matchless" and contributing comments like, "This is the Shakira we needed." 

Shakira in cut out look.

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Shakira also sat down with Jimmy Fallon and Bizarrap during the episode, and she had a separate outfit on for the interview. During the sit-down portion of her appearance, she wore knee-high boots and a little black dress. She kept her long, wavy hair down, just as she did during her performance.

Shakira on the Tonight Show talking about her breakup.

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During the episode, she also spoke about the Guinness World Records she was able to break with the track and more, while Bizarrap explained how he pitched the idea to work together, all culminating in Jimmy Fallon working in a "Hips Don't Lie" joke. (On brand.) There's a lot of great stuff in there, as well, and you can catch the full interview on YouTube

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