Aubrey Plaza’s Stylist Defends The White Lotus Star’s Underboob Outfit After Mixed Reactions

Aubrey Plaza in underboob dress on SAG Awards red carpet
(Image credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

From Zendaya rocking millions of dollars in jewelry and two gowns, to Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday-inspired vintage Versace dress there were many memorable ensembles on the red carpet of the SAG Awards. However, Aubrey Plaza’s underboob-baring dress was the talk of the night after it sparked rumors and received mixed reactions. Now, her long-time stylist is defending The White Lotus star’s outfit, and making it clear that the underboob outfit, was a well-fitted, intentional, trendy decision.

Even a few days after the award show, people are still talking about the Parks and Rec star's dress, and if it was too much underboob. One comment from maison.versace on checkthetag’s post read:  

the straps could be better adjusted, but i love the color, and hair and makeup look amazing

To which Plaza’s longtime stylist Jessica Paster replied with: 

did 7 fittings .. for real … I wanted underboob 😍

Not only did they go through seven fittings, but the gown was also custom-made for Aubrey Plaza, according to Vogue. The Michael Kors dress was inspired by ‘70s fashion, and the actress gushed about how much she loved it to the magazine, saying: 

We were trying to encapsulate a modern ’70s vibe. I loved the beautiful brown color of the dress and the sexy cutouts. It felt sexy but not overdone. Glamorous and chic.

While Plaza loved the look, and I do too, many weren’t sure if the underboob was intentional or not, and they didn’t vibe with the unique cutout on her torso. Many pointed out the crossbody straps across the actress’s chest, saying they looked tight or too small. However, as The White Lotus star and her stylist have shown that the decision to rock the underboob trend was intentional and meticulously planned. 

The Ingrid Goes West star is the latest actress to jump on the underboob-baring trend. Last December, Megan Fox rocked a full barbiecore, underboob outfit and Rachel Zegler recently shared her take on the trend by wearing an underboob-baring gown to Paris Fashion Week. Much like sheer dresses, this trend has taken off, and celebs are rocking it on in lots of different ways, with Plaza sharing her take on it at the SAG Awards. 

Along with her highly talked about dress, Aubrey Plaza was at the center of a few memorable moments from the SAG Awards.  First of all, she brought her Parks and Rec pal Amy Poehler as her date, then she presented an award with Jenna Ortega, who could easily play her little sister, and finished off the night by taking home an award with the cast of The White Lotus. So, while the dress has been the talk of the town, let us not forget all the other iconic moments we got from the Emily the Criminal star at this ceremony. 

Considering Plaza has a movie on the 2023 movie schedule, Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, that hits theaters on March 3, I’m sure we’ll have another red-carpet look from her soon. And while her latest look caused a divisive stir similar to fans' reactions to Portia’s fashion on The White Lotus, overall I think it’s commendable that Plaza took a fun risk with her dress, and was able to walk the carpet feeling “glamorous and chic.” 

Riley Utley
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