Simon Helberg Opens Up About Favorite Big Bang Theory Episodes Ahead Of New Book

howard in sheldon's classroom on The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory isn't on the air anymore, but the show is still spawning some sweet content for longtime viewers to enjoy. Big Bang fans can learn about the secrets behind the sitcom in the new oral history book The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, which is set for release in October. And ahead of its release, Simon Helberg -- who played engineer and astronaut Howard Wolowitz -- opened up about his favorite episodes of the long-running sitcom.

There are surely plenty of A+ behind-the-scenes facts of the CBS series that one will be able to learn from this new book about the Emmy Award-winning show. With 12 seasons and over 200 episodes, a lot transpired for the cast and crew. When it comes to favorite installments though, Simon Helberg shared with Newsweek that some of the most memorable ones for him involve a certain guest star:

I don't have a quick answer for that. I guess the answer is, I don't have a favorite one. The ones that come to mind and are, just some special ones like when Stephen Hawking came to set.

Even today, Stephen Hawking is considered to be one of The Big Bang Theory best guest stars. The late physicist was able to poke fun at himself in seven episodes, including one in which he helped Sheldon amid his marriage proposal to Amy. Hawking left a serious mark, as there was also a deleted scene from a different episode, which paid tribute to him.

It's so sweet to hear that Simon Helberg relished his time working with the beloved scientist. Of course, the actor noted that he also enjoyed the episodes in which he got to work closely with his on-screen girlfriend-turned-wife, Melissa Rauch:

I always really had a great time working with Melissa [Rauch]. Whenever we had some juicy storylines, like when she finds out that she's pregnant. I really enjoyed that.

For her part, Melissa Rauch felt like the show did a “wonderful job” handling her character, Bernadette, who navigated the joys of motherhood and corporate America. Her interactions with her television husband were definitely highlights for the show, and things only got even more interesting when the two began their family. It was hard not to love the dynamic between the two partners.

As for the Howard actor, after taking a little hiatus from acting after Big Bang Theory ended, Simon Helberg’s next project was the musical romance film Annette, which starred Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. He also co-starred in the drama film As They Made Us, with former co-star Mayim Bialik directing the movie. Helberg remains busy as ever, but it's always nice when he or any of his former co-stars take the time to reminisce about their time on the widely popular comedy.

You can currently watch your favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory in syndication or view them with an HBO Max subscription. Fans can also pick up The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, which is set to hit shelves on October 13th.

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