Station 19 Fans Are Livid That The Fall Finale Cliffhanger Wasn't Addressed On Grey's Anatomy Crossover

Spoiler alert! This story contains major spoilers for Station 19's Season 6 Fall Finale, “Everybody Says Don’t,” so proceed with caution if you haven’t watched yet. 

When tragedy was promised to strike during the fall finale crossover event between Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, it was unclear on which show that would happen. It turns out, it was kind of both, as the medical drama witnessed the end of an era, and Station 19’s Maya Bishop finally pushed herself too far. With the firefighter drama taking place first, however, it seemed like fans were expecting the cliffhanger ending to carry over into the next hour. It was a crossover after all, right? However, while another storyline did continue on Grey’s Anatomy, Maya’s fate was left unmentioned, and fans on social media were absolutely livid.

Maya (Danielle Savre) has been on the path to destruction all season, and it finally came to a head in “Everybody Says Don’t.” After weeks of refusing therapy and pushing away Carina and her firehouse family, things got even worse when Carina told her she’d taken a pregnancy test without Maya being there (it was negative). So after Andy was forced to bench her during a call, Maya hit the treadmill, despite multiple injuries that clearly indicated she was pushing too hard. The more she hurt, the faster she ran, until she stumbled and was thrown from the treadmill, lying unconscious as the team left on a call.

One can see why under these circumstances fans would believe that the next hour of the Seattle crossover would provide an update on Maya’s condition, and perhaps see her arrive by ambulance to the hospital. Instead, viewers saw the continued storyline of the man the firefighters had rescued from a helicopter crash. This simply wasn’t the story Station 19 fans cared about, with one tweeting: 

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Fans were frustrated at the promise of a crossover that didn’t provide any answers on the first hour’s story: 

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Station 19 viewers stuck it out for the full hour, too, because they didn’t want to risk missing anything if Maya did indeed show up at some point. You can see, though, that hope did start to fade: 

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Maybe there was a little bit of a payoff when the audience realized how the shows’ tragedies were related — the call that led to Maya being left alone and unconscious was Meredith Grey’s house being on fire

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Maya may not have been in the Grey’s Anatomy episode, but her wife Carina showed up! She joined Miranda Bailey and Jo Wilson in reopening the hospital’s clinic, and as the trio celebrated the ribbon-cutting, one Station 19 fan had a dark message for Dr. DeLuca: 

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It’s easy to see why Station 19 fans would be upset about the Maya cliffhanger, especially with the show going on hiatus until February 23. That’s a long time to wonder how badly Maya is injured — I’m assuming she’s not dead — and if this could possibly be her rock bottom or if she’ll continue to spiral. In the meantime, you can see what other shows are premiering with our 2022 TV schedule and when your favorite shows are returning in 2023

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