Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Reunited With Her Trainer, And It Looks Like Her Glutes Regret It

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Kaley Cuoco has seemed over the moon since she and her partner Tom Pelphrey announced they would be having a baby. They’d been keeping the news to themselves for a few months, but when they opened up publicly about the pregnancy, she has started sharing a lot more about her journey, including fun posts from she and Pelphrey’s baby gender reveal day (it’s a girl) and other moments when she was pregnant in the past but hadn’t told anyone publicly yet. Now, she's sharing how workouts are going now that she's months into her pregnancy journey.

While Cuoco has had to press pause on some of the activities she enjoys doing, she’s kept up with others. Cuoco has shared workout posts through social media, so it’s no real surprise she has continued with at least some fitness stuff during her pregnancy. She shared a moment a few weeks back with Tom Pelphrey in which she joked about “abs for days.” But this week she actually went a step further and reunited with her trainer, Ryan Sorensen. 

She shared a look at their first training session back together in what seems to have been a while, take a look. 

Kaley Cuoco working out while pregnant.

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Meanwhile, while Cuoco may have kept up some sort of fitness effort, it seems very clear from her second Instagram Stories post that there are certain exercises she has been neglecting. Namely squats. It also does not seem as if Sorensen had any mercy for his client, either. Her glutes have to regret skipping those squat days, right? 

Kaley Cuoco working out glutes while pregnant 2022.

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The actress is hardly the first celebrity to share a strenuous workout online. Nick Cannon's tough workout went viral a bit back. Other celebrities like Chris Hemsworth are known for sharing workouts online. But the pregnancy factor adds a whole new level of interest, as it's inspiring to see moms continuing to crush while pregnant, too. 

It’s good the soon-to-be Mama has kept moving during her pregnancy, but I cannot even imagine the DOMS Kaley Cuoco must have been feeling after doing her first round of squats (and with extra weight) in five months. Still, she seemed remarkably chipper to be pushing through the pain with her trainer.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sorensen

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In the past, Sorensen has opened up about some of the strenuous workouts he’s put Cuoco through and he does not mess around. In fact, this has included stuff like planks to pushups, exercises I can't even name with kettlebells and bands, and more workouts that aren’t for the faint of heart. One of my favorite posts has her flipping off the camera and Sorensen at one point while planking, so he’s been pushing her through tough stuff and she’s been taking it with a sense of humor for a long time. 

Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco may have a little one coming in 2023, but in most ways she hasn’t slowed down in the least. Among new content like The Flight Attendant Season 2 (available with an HBO Max subscription) and Peacock’s Meet Cute, the star also has another streaming series coming Based on a True Story, which will also be available with a Peacock subscription. She's on a roll both from a personal life perspective and from a career perspective, and I don't expect either of those things to change soon. 

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