Kaley Cuoco Is Dating Again, And Her Flight Attendant Co-Star Is Dishing On New Beau Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco revealed her new relationship with Ozarks’ Tom Pelphrey just a few weeks ago on her social media. Since then, the new Hollywood couple has been sharing candid shots here and there. It was a pleasant change of pace after the hard year she experienced following her split from Karl Cook. With her and Pelphrey’s romance in the public sphere, her Flight Attendant co-star dished on her new beau.

Since starring as BFFs on the HBO Max series, Cuoco and Zosia Mamet’s onscreen chemistry has bled over into real-life as Mamet helped her get back on track post-divorce. Being such close friends, the Girls alum was bound to meet the Big Bang Theory vet’s new beau. It appeared Pelphrey made a good impression on Mamet. While speaking with ET, the actress gave her take on the new couple’s budding relationship.

You know what. It's really interesting, and she said this from the beginning, I knew when she knew. When you're best friends with someone, when you're truly best friends and you love them that deeply, you're so interconnected. And when I met him, I was one of the last to meet him. I met him and I was like, 'I feel like I've known you forever.' And he loves her like nobody's business, and that's all that matters to me.

Watching your best friend fall in love again after a devastating heartbreak is (generally) a cathartic moment for everyone involved. Listening is one thing, but Mamet felt the same connection Cuoco had with Pelphrey. As the actress mentioned, all you want is your friends to be happy and feel loved again. With her off-screen bestie being the last to meet her new boyfriend, Kaley Cuoco couldn’t help but feel bad for the two people closest to her not meeting earlier.

It's weird, she was like, the last one to meet him. I was devastated about it.

Well, at least, her BFF and new beau finally met and connected instantly. So, things worked out overall. Hopefully, followers will get to see photos of Cuoco, Mamet, and Pelphrey hanging out together at some point.

Her new relationship appeared to be a personal bright spot after a mixed year of personal lows and professional highs. The Big Bang Theory alum chatted with fellow divorcee Kelly Clarkson as they drank some wine while speaking on their splits. Of course, Clarkson understood the sitcom star's heartbreak given she and her former husband Brandon Blackstock were officially declared “divorced” in 2021. To note, the 8 Simple Rules vet and her ex were seemingly amicable while lending her support after their separation. But the OG American Idol star and her ex experienced a difficult dissolution, fighting over child custody and their Montana ranch. Still, the two stars found a common ally in each other.

Kaley Cuoco has multiple people supporting her as she moves on with a new love. Along with a new beau, her series The Flight Attendant recently completed Season 2, which saw Cassie heal from some personal issues in the finale. As viewers wait to hear news about a third season, Kaley Cuoco has several TV projects debuting in 2022.

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