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The First Three Seasons Of Yellowstone On Blu-Ray Are On Sale Right Now

John sitting on front porch of cabin in Yellowstone Season 3
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Yellowstone may have already wrapped up its fourth season on Paramount Network with a surprise-filled finale, but that doesn’t mean longtime fans and potential new viewers have any reason to avoid the hugely popular neo-western’s first three seasons. Though they’re currently available to stream exclusively on Peacock, with Season 4 arriving later in March, there are tons of Yellowstone fans out there who prefer opting for physical Blu-ray or DVD copies of the series. (Seriously, the show is known to be a huge seller on the home entertainment front, especially during the long wait for Season 4.) And today is the perfect day for such consumers, because Seasons 1-3 are available for a spectacular sales price for those in need of updating their collections. 

Specifically, Yellowstone fans would be wise to check out the big deal happening at Amazon (opens in new tab), where all three seasons’ special editions are on sale in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, with an additional discount available for anyone who purchases all three at once. It’s the somewhat rare occasion where choosing a bigger splurge is relatively more cost-beneficial in the long run. And if there’s a family that knows about “the long run,” it’s absolutely the Duttons, whose origin story 1883 only recently concluded in heartbreaking ways on Paramount+.

But while that prequel isn’t yet available for a tangible purchase, Yellowstone’s first three seasons are about as cheap as they’ll ever get on Blu-ray and DVD (outside of used versions), with the current discount coupling happening until Friday, March 18. Note that the extra $15 drop will be tacked on after the three seasons are added to the cart. Take a look at the individual discounts and how much you'll be saving by going this route over others:

These special editions are definitely the ones you’ll want to pick anyway. Why? Because each one comes with a collectible decal designed like each season’s packaging. And if you’re not into decals — I guess some of you exist out there — then maybe the smorgasbord of special features across all three seasons will do it. 

Each season set features a "Behind the Story" extra for every episode, with those getting longer as time goes by. And as good as those have always been, Season 2 is where the joyous "Stories from the Bunkhouse" come into play, with Jefferson White, Denim Richards and Ian Bohen proving their own counter-commentary on what went down in each episode. Not to mention the wide variety of individual features that focus on specific features, from music to cowboy camp and beyond. With around 3-4 hours of extras in each set, fans should be ready to win Yellowstone quiz bowls by the time Season 4 arrives on Blu-ray. 

With the way the Yellowstone universe is expanding on Paramount+, fans may one day be able to build their own version of John Dutton's ranch home just using Blu-ray and DVD sets. The just concluded 1883 is supposedly set to return to James and Margaret Dutton's lives in some capacity, even though Taylor Sheridan seemed to dispute the streaming service's prior announcement, saying that he was done looking through that particular window of inspiration. In any case, the 1932 prequel spinoff is also on the way, along with the Texas-set 6666 offshoot, so Paramount+ is going to be tugging at Yellowstone fans' attention spans for years to come.

John Dutton and his fam may not have to worry much about discounts, but not everyone can be set up for life so winningly. (Not that anyone in that family ever sits back and throws a Blu-ray on.)  But don’t waste another second before hopping over to Amazon and picking up Yellowstone’s first three seasons for additional discounts! And in the meantime, our 2022 TV premiere schedule will clue you in on everything else heading to the small screen soon. 

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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