The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga Responds To Complaints That She Never Has A ‘Storyline’ During A Season

The concept of having a “storyline” is a pretty big deal in terms of the Real Housewives franchise. Either a castmate is in the thick of the season’s drama (like what went down between Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice) they’re doing nothing in particular, and the latter of which is usually the kiss of death for their future on a spinoff. Lately, New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga has responded to complaints that she in fact has never had a “storyline” in all her eleven seasons on the show.

It’s possible the accusations are a consequence of the backlash from last year, when fans took the storyline of Melissa Gorga’s husband’s supposed infidelity to be misleading from what the teasers showed. (If Bravo has to make it look like a star has a storyline in the edit, without it really being there, of course criticisms will start to arise.) Gorga has a theory of her own about why she gets these specific complaints, saying to Entertainment Tonight:

I always think that's so funny, even Andy Cohen always says it, he's like, 'Where did this whole storyline thing come from?' I'm like, 'The fans made it up!' The fans think unless your husband's cheating on you, or you're Erika Jayne, or you're going to jail or you robbed a bank, then you shouldn't be on the Housewives. So they just want all villains, they don't want any normal people to have a normal life and show their family. It's Housewives, it's not, like, Mob Wives!

It is confusing indeed that the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum does get this flak – because the show would arguably not be as famous without her and Teresa Giudice’s infamous sister-in-law feud in the earlier seasons. I’m talking about the “storyline” that involved Giudice labeling Melissa Gorga a “stripper,” which led to the iconic table flip that caused the husband brawl. All of this spawned years of legitimate family discord and was the inspiration behind the viral "Sad Song" that even actor Will Smith uses from time to time.

Like, maybe, fans need to put some respect on the star's name? But according to her, she’s just fine without getting the flowers she deserves or never winning when it comes to the audience. She reflected:

It's become habit for people to say that and so, we're fine with it, whatever you have to do. When I do have a storyline that they 'want,' that means I'm losing. So I'm good.

Her storyline in the currently airing Season 12 started by way of beef with co-star Jennifer Aydin, who has been copping to recent revelations of her husband’s past cheating. It looked like it was about to come to blows between the two RHONJ castmates, if Bravo and everyone else hadn’t stepped in. And judging by the trailer – which again, isn’t the best judge of authenticity – Teresa Giudice’s friendship with Margaret Josephs takes a nosedive over noted concerns about Giudice’s boyfriend and his intentions.

There’s a lot else going on, too, and Melissa Gorga is right there in the thick of it. As always. Maybe some viewers just need to roll the tape back a bit? New episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes air on Bravo on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST but, for reference, most of that old footage can be streamed with a Hulu subscription or a Peacock Premium membership.

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