Tom Brady Won’t Return To The NFL Because He’s A Cat Dad Now

Tom Brady on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Tom Brady has indicated that his second retirement is going to stick, but it's hard not to blame his fans if they don't fully believe him. After all, Brady changed his mind, and he returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after his last retirement, despite all the humorously salty things past rivals like Peyton Manning had to say about him. This time though, he's reassuring people that he's going to stay retired this time, partially because he's a cat dad now. 

Yes, the seven-time Super Bowl Champion, Tom Brady, is staying retired from the NFL because he is now the proud owner of a kitten. Brady used his new pet as an excuse to dismiss some recent rumors on Twitter, which centered around the idea that he may sign a deal with the Miami Dolphins: 

Tom Brady is using his new kitten to deny any rumors about an NFL return, and he said that taking care of it is taking up far too much of his time. There's no way that he can possibly talk to other NFL teams about returning; he has a baby kitty to take care of! Who else is going to deliver snuggles on command and point the laser pointer? 

For those that missed the announcement, Tom Brady shared on Instagram stories back in mid-February that he had adopted two siamese-mix kittens from a Florida animal shelter (via People). Brady had volunteered at the shelter with his 10-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake, during his final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently, he's had his hands full ever since, and he couldn't possibly be up to anything beyond just loving on some cats. 

Of course, Tom Brady is trolling here a bit for anyone taking this too seriously. While he may want to take care of his daughter's new kitten, I can vouch for them being fairly self-sufficient from a young age as a cat owner. Plus, Tom Brady can definitely afford to hire the best cat nanny in the business if he absolutely had to, so those thinking this will be seen as more than a deflection of rumors can think again. 

Tom Brady has taken up a good number of hobbies since retiring again, and he has found time for other activities beyond raising kittens. He's posted a thirst trap fairly recently, and he apparently has used his extra time to see 80 For Brady a few times. He looks to be in good spirits and enjoying his time away from the NFL, even though he was dealing with his divorce from his now ex-wife Gisele Bündchen

And, if Tom Brady is still missing his days playing football, he has a lucrative deal at Fox for him to live vicariously through the game as a commentator. It remains to be seen whether or not the superstar will be just as much of a talent on the microphone as he was on the football field, as commentary isn't for everyone. However, I'm sure he'll do a great job. 

There's still some time to go until the next NFL season, so, while Tom Brady raises his kitten, sports fans should absolutely hit up the 2023 TV schedule to see what they can watch right now. Those looking for more Brady can rent 80 For Brady on-demand over at VUDU and Prime Video. 

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