Twitter Has Thoughts After Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Were Seen Hanging Out In Public Amid GMA Investigation

It feels like all eyes have been GMA3: What You Need to Know anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach since details of their reported work romance came to light earlier this month. The two journalists are currently not on the air and, as far as the general public knows, they’re still waiting to learn about their futures with ABC. All the while, viewers and industry professionals alike have been weighing in on their affair. Social media users have been particularly honest when sharing their opinions, so it’s no surprise that Twitter had thoughts after Robach and Holmes were spotted hanging out amid the GMA Investigation. 

The two journalists were recently photographed during a meet-up in New York. T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were apparently headed to lunch when photogs got pics of them arm in arm while walking down the street. The images have since gone viral, becoming prime fodder for social media-generated jokes. A Twitter user he shared one of the pics mused that it’s like something out of a fashion advertisement of sorts: 

TJ and Amy said 'we spending the holidays together regardless' 😂😂😂🤣 This J Crew catalog shit is gold

Others on the Internet are making different kinds of comparisons. One person actually managed to conjure up an entire faux backstory based on the one image. And those who love TV movies from certain networks are bound to agree with the sentiments that this person made: 

It’s giving big city lawyer falls in love with country baker after his company went to buy up her building in a Holiday romantic comedy. This was after they ran the annual Cherry Pie 5k in her hometown and he took her to the city because she’s never been.

Some would say that this sounds like the premise of dozens of Hallmark movies. Another user even joked about how the head of the network would react after seeing the picture. Though T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s reported story is quite different from the content that you’d see on the family-based TV channel. News of their relationship broke months after the two separated from their respective spouses. It’s since been alleged that Holmes had a second affair with a producer before his romance with Robach. Sources also claim that he had a third fling with a former ABC employee. 

When it comes to these photos, viewers mostly seem to be comparing the two stars to models featured in some kind of ad, as was the case with the J. Crew comment. Another commenter likened the sight to a moment crafted in a jewelry commercial: 

This ol ‘Every kiss begins with Kay’ photo is killing me.

Someone else had similar sentiments. In their Twitter post, they asserted that T.J Holmes looked as though he may have been holding a certain item:

This picture looks like he got a pandora bracelet in his pocket

Social media dwellers aren’t the only ones weighing in on the matter, either. CBS’ Gayle King called the situation “sloppy,” while Steve Martin and Martin Short cracked a joke on the matter. It’s also been alleged that 20/20’s David Muir and his co-workers are not happy about how things have played out. ABC News head Kim Godwin provided an update last week, saying that T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach would be off the air pending the completion of the internal probe. It’s hard to predict how things will pan out for the news personalities, but it’s clear right now that the public has no problem weighing in on their circumstances.

Erik Swann
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