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Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay Addresses The ‘Red Flags’ That Are Apparent With Fiancé Brock Davies’ Past

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To quote Scheana Shay’s infamous tattoo, “It’s all happening.” She has a baby with the man of her dreams, Brock Davies. The two are also engaged to be married and planning a major destination wedding in Bali, which may or may not be filmed for television. But while everything might seem happy-hunky-dory, Bravo fans have vocalized that the man of Shay’s dreams might just have one too many “red flags." The Vanderpump Rules alum is currently addressing those concerns over her fiancé’s past.

Of all the red flags, the most notable concerning Brock Davies came to light on Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules during which it was revealed that he had a previous domestic violence charge against an ex. Fans particularly didn't like how Davies was so casual at the reunion about referring to slapping the mother of his two other kids in Australia. It also came out that the newcomer on the show isn't up to date on child support for those kids. Scheana Shay told Insider that she understands the criticisms about her fiancé, saying:

I appreciate the concern [from fans]. Obviously when you hear things, the way you've heard them as Lala presented them on the show, it does scream red flags and 'run the other way.' But I do know the full story, and I've known the full story like I said from day one.

Evidently, the soon-to-be married couple had planned to not discuss Brock Davies' controversial past at all on Vanderpump Rules – until Lala Kent brought it up after being told in confidence. Scheana Shay told the outlet that they had made an “agreement” with Davies’ ex to keep their lives private. But the reality star reiterated that, despite the semi-secrecy, she still knew about what happened from the get-go. She said:

The night I met him, he had a picture of his daughter on his lock screen and his son on his home screen. So I knew right away he had kids. The second day when we hung out, like the first full day we hung out, I knew about his kids and what their names were and the situation with his ex.

As far as the star has previously stated, she has been helping Brock Davies and his ex smooth over their past struggles, with the goal being for Davies to one day be a part of the lives of his other children, who he hasn't seen in over four years. They're supposedly making progress, and apparently, the same can be said of co-star Lala Kent and her future after leaving her own fiancé, Randall Emmett. However, both Davies and Scheana Shay are still seemingly holding a grudge against Kent for bringing up the aforementioned red flags on Vanderpump Rules. Shay has recently even dropped a bombshell that Kent probably knew or could’ve known about the cheating rumors about Emmett, if she wanted to.

The drama continues for Bravo stars, whether they are on or off the air. But regardless of the warning signs or fan commentary, Scheana Shay is still supporting her man fully – and that includes the morganite engagement ring he gave her.

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