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Wait, Did Ray J File For Divorce While He Was Hospitalized With Pneumonia?

Ray J in "One Wish" music video
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Celebrity divorces have been in the news quite a bit this year. So far, the public has witnessed drama play out for couples like Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock as well as Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi. Now, it would seem that singer, actor and reality TV star Ray J can count himself on that list. The entertainer, who has been married to fellow reality star Princess Love since 2016, has reportedly filed for divorce. And apparently, he did so while being hospitalized with pneumonia. 

The 40-year-old Ray J, whose given name is William Ray Norwood Jr., is currently in a South Florida Hospital. TMZ has learned that while he does not seem to have contracted COVID-19, his bout with pneumonia has been serious. Still, legal documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, October 6 show that Norwood does intend to divorce his spouse. And this isn’t the first time he’s filed, either. 

He originally set a divorce in motion September 2020, though the couple subsequently attempted to reconcile. And that initial filing actually followed that of his wife, who originally opted for a split in May 2020, before the two attempted to work things out at that point. According to TMZ, the couple, who have two children together, first started experiencing problems in 2019. The two truly hit a bump when Princess Love accused her husband of abandoning her and their daughter in Las Vegas. Love was also pregnant at the time. 

Princess Love seems to be handling the news quite well. She recently told TMZ that she’s “better than ever” following this most recent filing. She also mentioned that at the moment, she’s mostly forced on working and taking care of her kids. 

Ray J, on the other hand, is still reportedly in the process of recovering from his illness. While the doctors reportedly had concerns, his wife’s recent comments seem to indicate that he’s making progress. In fact, this past weekend, she mentioned that he’s “alive and well.”

Although this is the “One Wish” singer’s first marriage, this is far from the first time that he’s been involved in major drama. Some may remember the sex tape he made with former girlfriend Kim Kardashian, which leaked back in February 2007. The tape is still a major topic of discussion today, as even Nick Cannon, who was dating Kardashian when the tape leaked, is still answering questions about the situation. The Masked Singer host even recently revealed that Ray J, a friend of his, actually gave him a heads up on the tape’s release.

Barring another attempt at a reconciliation, one would assume that the divorce proceedings for Ray J and Princess Love will commence sooner rather than later. Though the singer’s personal health could also factor into any potential timetable.

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