When Josh Duggar’s Sentencing Could Happen And What His Prison Time Will Look Like, Including Conjugal Visits

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Two weeks ago, Josh Duggar’s trial ended. It culminated in a guilty verdict for the former reality star on two counts of child pornography-related charges. The eldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar could face up to 20 years on each of the receipt and possession of pornography counts, and now we know more about when sentencing is due, as well as what Duggar’s prison time will look like. 

Currently, Josh Duggar’s sentence is pending and the date of his actual sentencing is still TBA, though reports state the judge on the case told the TV personality they are hoping to have sentencing come down in April of 2022. However, on the date the trial verdict came through, we did learn the 19 Kids and Counting star would be no longer be able to stay at a third-party home out on bail. In fact, the judge on the case, Judge Timothy Brooks, ultimately opted to send Duggar to detainment, though noted the TV personality had been “compliant” ahead of his trial (via The Sun.)

Mr. Duggar 100% has been compliant awaiting trial. I appreciate that and I wanted to acknowledge that however because of the guilty offenses he must be detained regardless of flight risk so there will be a mandatory detention.The marshalls will set that up.

The step the case is currently in is the pre-sentencing phase. Per a report over at People, that phase will take approximately 30-45 days. During that time, probation officers will create a report detailing what he was found guilty of in this trial, taking into consideration the victims involved and also any prior offenses Josh Duggar has been found guilty of. Both sides can look at that report and file any objections before the judge determines sentencing (which is why we could be looking at a time period four months away in regards to the sentencing component). 

Duggar could face fines of $250,000 and 20 years on both counts, but what will his time in prison look like and how will his family factor in? 

Josh Duggar's Stint In Prison: Conjugal Visit Possibility And More

First and foremost, while his wife Anna stuck by his side through the months between his arrest in April of 2021 and the start of his trial after the Thanksgiving holiday, even staying in the third party home Duggar was detained at, the intimate moments may be over. As noted by The Daily Mail, Anna Duggar will be able to visit with her husband during his prison stint should she choose to, but conjugal visits are off the table. 

Per the Federal Bureau of Prisons, visits will be limited to “handshakes, hugs, and kisses (in good taste).” However, whether or not visits will be allowed between Josh Duggar and his now-7 children (Anna Duggar returned to social media to celebrate the birth of their seventh child earlier this year) is still a question. Detention questions are being left up to “U.S. marshals as well as the court and probation officers,” the People article confirms. 

Varying reports do list that Josh Duggar will have to register as a sex offender if and when he is released. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the sentencing process progresses. 

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