When The Masked Singer Will Return For '90s Night After World Series Delay

Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy in The Masked Singer's '90s Night
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The Masked Singer has embraced some standout theme nights in the current Season 8 to go along with the format changes. On the heels of Jerry Springer being ousted on “Muppet Night,” the singing competition show is going on a blast to the past with “‘90s Night.” The only bad news is that the episode has been pushed back from November 2 due to MLB’s World Series between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies. Read on for when it will (probably) be back, and what to expect!

“‘90s Night” is being delayed for Game 4 of the World Series, which will take over The Masked Singer’s usual time slot of 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 2 on Fox. This isn’t the first time that the show has been bumped from primetime due to baseball this fall, but it has been rescheduled to air on Sunday, November 6 at 8 p.m. ET. (Fox’s usual animated Sunday comedy block of The Simpsons, The Great North, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy will not air.) The night celebrating the 1990s will also be the 100th episode of The Masked Singer, so fans won’t want to miss the milestone! 

That said, there’s currently no guarantee that the November 6 time slot will be available. The World Series will go to seven games if the Astros catch up to the Phillies, as the Philadelphia team is up two wins to the Astros’ one after three games. If the series does go to seven, then the final game will take place on November 6 and bump The Masked Singer yet again, according to the show’s Twitter account. Of course, the World Series usually ends before seven games, so it’s likely that viewers will see Milkshake, Lambs, and Walrus hit the stage on Sunday.

The Masked Singer will also be embracing the ‘90s in some ways that should delight any millennial who feels some nostalgia for the decade. Danielle Fishel – a.k.a. the one and only Topanga Lawrence of Boy Meets World fame – will appear, as well as NSYNC alum Lance Bass. The former boybander delighted fans last year by embracing the “It’s Gonna Be May” TikTok challenge, and follows fellow NSYNC veteran Joey Fatone in coming to The Masked Singer, although Fatone joined the show as a contestant

Will the competition show have more ‘90s-tastic surprises in store for fans? Only time will tell on that front, but my fingers are crossed that The Masked Singer is going above and beyond to celebrate hitting 100 episodes. Whichever performer wins the night will head straight to the semifinals, so the stakes are sky-high no matter how much the milestone is (or isn’t) acknowledged. I only hope that the appearance of Lance Bass means that an NSYNC song is going to be covered!

For now, we can only wait and see if the World Series goes to seven games. If not, The Masked Singer will return on Sunday, November 6 at 8 p.m. ET for “‘90s Night” on Fox. You can revisit past episodes streaming with a Hulu subscription, and find what new viewing options still have yet to debut in the 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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