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Looks Like WWE's Alexa Bliss Is About To Get Some News That Many Fans Have Been Waiting To Hear

Alexa Bliss returned to WWE after some time away for personal reasons, but not exactly in the way fans probably expected. The WWE featured Bliss in a series of pre-taped segments, in which she’s undergoing treatments in therapy for her “problem.” Fans have wondered where the whole thing is going, especially since Bliss is still seen in her supernatural creepy girl gimmick, but it seems like we may now have an answer thanks to a recent trademark filing by the company. (And thankfully not one with ties to Nazis.)

It appears that the WWE is finally ready to shed Alexa Bliss’ creepy persona, given a recent trademark filing indicated the return of a previous gimmick used before her character change. reported the new filing is for “THE GODDESS,” which is a nickname Bliss previously used during her championship runs before her character took a turn in connection with the ousted superstar Bray Wyatt. 

The WWE seemingly teased that this change could happen during Bliss’ last match of 2021, where she took on Charlotte Flair for the women’s championship. Ahead of the match, Flair remarked that she missed the “old Alexa,” which led to speculation the WWE would eventually drop the gimmick.

It also didn’t help that Alexa Bliss faced an unearned backlash following Bray Wyatt’s exit from the WWE. Fans began to chant for Wyatt during her matches, and his abrupt departure possibly forced WWE's creative team to abandon any and all storylines that would have been developing for the duo after his loss at WrestleMania. In many ways, Bliss' gimmick was a reminder of Wyatt's WWE run, so it makes sense the company might want to move on from that. 

Alexa Bliss’ creepy gimmick was popular, to be sure, but it’s more than fair to say just about every gimmick Bliss had in the WWE to this point has gone over well with fans. With the return of her Goddess gimmick, the WWE might be ready to spend less time putting Bliss in segments and more time getting her back into title contention within the women’s division. Bliss is considered one of the most skilled female athletes within the company, and this change might put her back in the ring with talents like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and actually walking away with title belts. 

As for when The Goddess gimmick could officially return, it seems possible Alexa Bliss' upcoming Royal Rumble match will be the ideal team to bring back that goddess glory. Bliss is considered one of the favorites to win the match, which would be a great way to kick off her return to form, as well as another championship run. At the very least, it could put her in the title picture ahead of WrestleMania and guarantee her a match on the big night. 

WWE’s 2022 version of the Royal Rumble will stream on Saturday, January 29th at 8:00 p.m. ET on Peacock (and exclusive wrestling content is just one reason why Peacock is worth the premium subscription). Tune in to see which Alexa shows up to the pay-per-view, and how she'll fare in the women’s match.

Mick Joest
Mick Joest

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