Why Legacies Fans Shouldn’t Count On Much Romance In Season 4

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Legacies Season 4. Read at your own risk!

Hope Mikaelson finally pulled the trigger in sacrificing her humanity to become the Tribrid. While it did save Legacies and its characters from Malivore, the act came loaded with a whole new set of problems. Hope’s lost humanity almost immediately flipped her personality, and now it’s looking like the Salvatore school could face off against one of its own in a battle in which there are no winners. Hope’s transformation will impact a lot of Season 4, and that apparently even includes the amount of romantic moments that'll play out. 

According to showrunner Brett Matthews, Legacies fans hoping to see more romance in Season 4 may be a bit discontent going forward. Matthews spoke to TV Guide about how Hope’s transformation will impact the various characters' relationships and, simply put, love doesn’t seem to be in the air.

I would say it's probably going to be our least romantic season of Legacies ever. This is a bomb that has dropped in the universe of the show and it is going to really affect the future of things. Characters are going to be faced with very hard decisions, and characters are going to make decisions that they don't necessarily like and people may not like, but it's challenging. The kids are growing up, and the scale of their problems is growing up, and it will be interesting to see that journey from high schooler to young adult that we all face. They will be dealing with some very real problems with some very real-world implications.

Legacies fans may feel a certain way about that reveal from the showrunner, too, especially when Hope’s transformation potentially laid to eternal rest the back-and-forth love story between her character and Landon. Conversely, Legacies planted seeds for romance with Lizzie and MG, as well as Caleb and Cleo, while Josie’s still in a relationship with her girlfriend Finch. Based on what Brett Matthews is saying, though, it’s possible that season 4 just has too much going on in the high-stakes drama department for these pairings to draw more attention and make meaningful progress at this point in the narrative. 

At the same time, I would speculate Legacies’ “least romantic season” is still pretty romantic by most metrics. Sure, Hope’s Tribrid transformation will be a hurdle to overcome, but it’s not like the Salvatore students haven’t found time for romance during crises before. The lovey-dovey storylines won’t be rampant, but it doesn’t seem as though Brett Matthews said Season 4 is completely devoid of them. 

So much of this series is rooted in Hope’s transformation into the Tribrid, though I think most fans will be forgiving if everything else secondary to that situation is put aside until we see what else develops from her storyline. It's not like we can't imagine what these couples would be up to when doing couple things, right?

Legacies airs at The CW on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Love may not be brewing on the show anytime soon, but there will be some exciting cameos. The Originals’ and The Vampire Diaries’ actress Claire Holt is expected to arrive in Season 4, and she'll hopefully talk some sense into her niece Hope.

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