How Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Is Shading Ex Randall Emmett Through Her Clothing Line

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The three-year-long engagement between Lala Kent and Hollywood producer Randall Emmett has come to an end and, with it, a lot more drama. Kent, a main cast member on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules for the last four seasons, has taken her traditional route of being extra ice-cold shady towards her ex. (Supposedly, Emmett had cheated on her a few months ago, prompting the breakup.) The latest shade maneuver is coming from the likes of Kent’s own clothing line – and I'm absolutely living for it.

On her official merch store, Lala Kent is now selling “bRand new” pink hoodies for $50 a pop. It would seem innocent enough business venture on the face of things to an outsider, but in actuality, it's another slight against her former fiancé. Check it out for yourself down below:

Lala Kent's Brand New Hoodie

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A few weeks prior, the reality TV star unveiled on her Instagram that her former “Rand” tattoo, a seemingly life-long dedication to Randall Emmett himself, was updated to say “bRand new.” (Ouch.) Now, she's going to be making a profit off the move as well? Ingenious. Looks like she's following the blueprint of a certain Real Housewives star’s shade against the legally embattled Jen Shah.

This isn’t the first blood drawn, though. The shade has actually been going on for some time since the couple's breakup. In fact, after the news broke, Lala Kent was using Beyoncé’s hit song “Sorry,” loud and proud, on social media. And not long after the Rand tattoo erasure, the reality star made light of the situation and her new house to boot in a sponsored ad post for non-alcoholic wine. (So clearly, she has no qualms about making money off the split.) What's even more is that she cut her ex and his name out of the podcast they started together – but apparently, he's totally fine with it.

Their relationship has always followed a fascinating path of intrigue, so far as Vanderpump Rules is concerned. For a long time, Lala Kent wouldn’t even mention her former beau's name on the show because he was technically still married. Only in the last season alone have fans seen the Midnight in the Switchgrass producer more frequently. Kent has slowly opened up more about their relationship as a result, stating at one point that she offered to not get married to him, so as to keep things “legally” free between them should anything happen.

Well, things appear to have happened, whatever the real case may be. They're both "legally" free of each other now, too, except for the pair's responsibility of their 8-month-old daughter, Ocean. But if Lala Kent – notorious for going for the jugular and calling even relatively nice people “Bambi-eyed” bitches – is already willing to throw down her relationship in exchange for revenue, then there really is no hope for Randall Emmett next.

And you can check out more of their relationship (pre-breakup) on Vanderpump Rules Season 9, which airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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