Yellowstone Season 5 Cast Update Includes All-New Stars And Promotions For Recurring Actors, With More Flashbacks Definitely Coming

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Yellowstone Season 5 is inarguably one of the most anticipated TV “events” of 2022, as it easily became one of the most-watched shows across multiple platforms with the release of Season 4 the year prior. While we know the new episodes are currently filming in Montana, not much has been said about what fans can expect, beyond Kelly Reilly pointing to Beth Dutton being a seemingly content person when the premiere kicks off. Now, though, Paramount Network has given fans quite a bit more to chew on with a major Season 5 cast update, which includes returning guest stars, a couple of recurring actors getting long-overdue promotions, as well as some brand new faces joining the Yellowstone universe.

When Season 5’s renewal first went public, Paramount Network revealed that just about everyone in the main cast would be returning as series regulars, including Jefferson White as Jimmy and Kathryn Kelly as Jimmy’s now-wife Emily. Only a couple of names were absent from the list, with Piper Perabo later implying her character Summer will be back, and one of those stars is now officially set to return. So let’s dive into all the new updates.

Actors Returning For Yellowstone Season 5

With Season 4 ending in a few troublesome ways for various Dutton family members, particularly Wes Bentley’s totally-screwed-now Jamie, it’s up to any and all potential adversaries to step up and take advantage of the Paradise Valley clan not necessarily being at full strength. (One can never be sure how much longer John will make it before his next heart episode, after all.) Someone who absolutely voiced her intentions to destroy the family and their cherished land is Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner and her Market Equities squad, and Weaver was thankfully part of the casting news, along with a few other returning cast members, as noted below:

  • Jacki Weaver as Caroline Warner
  • Josh Lucas as Young John Dutton
  • Kylie Rogers as Young Beth Dutton
  • Kyle Red Silverstein as Young Rip Wheeler

Looks like Yellowstone will definitely be heading back into the Dutton family’s past, though not quite as far back into it as it did in Season 4 with the flashbacks to Tim McGraw’s James Dutton and his family. Rather, to the same era we’ve seen in the past, with Josh Lucas’s younger John Dutton as the father of Kylie Rogers’ Beth. Considering where things stand for Jamie, with Kelly Reilly teasing the possibility that Rip could learn the true story behind Beth’s pregnancy and sterilization, it’s possible the flashbacks will return to that time in the characters’ lives, showing us how Beth and Rip’s lives went in the aftermath of those events. 

Actors Being Promoted For Yellowstone Season 5

Just about everyone in Yellowstone brings the goods on a weekly basis, from the actors we see every single week to the ones who only pop in when the story calls for it. Thankfully, two stars from the latter category have been given well-deserved promotions for Season 5. 

Fans can look forward to seeing more from newly established season regulars Mo Brings Plenty and Wendy Moniz when the new season comes around later this year. The former has memorably portrayed the character Mo, Thomas Rainwater’s second-in-command, while Moniz is known for playing the Montana Governor Lynelle Perry, who has spent some time between the sheets and on the streets with John Dutton. One can only assume Lynelle’s increased presence will tie into John running for Governor, assuming that plan actually goes through. 

New Actors Joining Yellowstone Season 5

Considering Yellowstone already has seemingly 100 main cast members within its ensemble, it’s always surprising to hear about new actors joining the fun. (I guess it helps that this show doesn’t back away from killing off anyone who poses a major threat to John and the ranch.) And now we know the following quartet of actors will be popping up in the Season 5 narrative:

  • Kai Caster as a young cowboy named Rowdy
  • Lainey Wilson as a musician named Abby
  • Lilli Kay as Clara Brewer, a new assistant for someone in the Dutton family
  • Dawn Olivieri as Sarah Atwood, a new Montana resident known for being a corporate shark

Not a whole lot to build speculation on with those descriptions, but we can make a few guesses. It’s possible that Kai Caster’s Rowdy may enter the mix as a new ranch hand, while Lainey Wilson’s Abby could potentially be a new love interest for Ryan Bingham’s Walker, but that’s mostly just because he’s the show’s central musician at this point. 

One can only assume that Lilly Kay’s Clara Brewer won’t be Beth’s assistant, since that position probably has a faster turnover rate than Murphy Brown secretaries. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be hard to picture Dawn Olivieri’s Sarah Atwood being one of Caroline Warner’s stooges, or perhaps even one of Caroline’s bosses. It’s hard to know how high up Market Equities’ executive ladder goes, and equally hard to know when they’ll figure out they can’t win against the Duttons. If Sarah ends up being on Beth and John’s side, though, then Caroline better watch her back and her neck. 

While waiting to hear more updates from Yellowstone Season 5, which is set to premiere on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, don’t forget the Dutton origin story 1883 is available to stream for anyone with a Paramount+ subscription

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