Yellowstone Shows Off Intense New 'Force Of Nature' Villain In Season 4 Video

Caroline talking to someone in office on Yellowstone
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With so much attention and speculation devoted to figuring out Yellowstone's Season 3 cliffhangers, it can be easy to forget that Season 4 will deliver some brand new faces for viewers to get paranoid about. We have Piper Perabo's cop-attracting activist Summer Higgins and Finn Little's cowboy-in-training Carter, but I think we can all agree the character who most deserves to be put under a microscope from the start is Jacki Weaver's Caroline Warner. It was obvious from the moment the character was announced, and now we have even more proof in the form of a Season 4 preview video.

With Yellowstone having already introduced viewers to so many memorable characters already in its first three seasons, the trio mentioned above will need to go above and beyond to stand out. And that is exactly what Jacki Weaver does in the video below, which gives fans some new looks at Season 4. (Though obviously without revealing anything about John, Beth or Kayce Dutton’s fates.) Check it out!

Man oh man oh man. I so hope the very first time we see Jacki Weaver’s Caroline is similar to how she comes into the promo, by calling out John Emmet Tracy’s Ellis Steele for being late, and uttering the line below without even shifting her eyes up from the work she’s doing:

I am never early and I am never late. I am the constant your time adjusts to.

Cold. As. Ice. And presumably just as sharp and dangerous as an ice pick, even if it doesn’t yet look like murder-planning is behavior she often indulges in. But considering Caroline Warner is the CEO of the mega-company Market Equities, you just know she’s ruined plenty of lives along the way, even if she wasn’t ever holding a smoking gun. And it can’t be a good thing for anyone in the Dutton family for Market Equities to bring out its biggest weapon in Season 4. Probably not a good thing for Josh Holloway’s Roarke, either, considering she’ll likely want to chastise him for not getting the job done ahead of her arrival.

John Emmet Tracy calls Caroline a “force of nature,” while Gil Birmingham says she has “such a fire in her,” and the way she’s apparently buddying up with Thomas Rainwater makes it seem like she’ll use the Reservation to somehow try and bilk the Duttons out of some of their land. So does that mean she could be responsible for putting a hit on Kevin Costner’s John, Kelly Reilly’s Beth, and/or Luke Grimes’ Kayce?

It’s hard to know for sure with Season 4’s premiere still not having arrived yet, but I dare say she won’t be directly responsible. As powerful as Caroline is, she probably would not have risen up the ranks if she always took care of her problems with bombings, roadside shootings and government building attacks. Those maneuvers tend to attract the wrong kind of attention after the fact, and we know the Duttons and Rip will be out for blood in Season 4.

But Caroline almost definitely signed off on sending Roarke and Wade Morrow as warning signs for the Duttons. And while Roarke hasn’t committed any brutal sins against the ranch the way that Wade did, I certainly wouldn’t put it past him. 

Of course, if it turns out that Jamie’s biological father or some other nefarious force was behind the attacks, that almost makes Caroline’s arrival in Season 4 even more unnerving, since it means we don’t yet know how far she’ll be willing to go to make sure that Montana airport gets built. She might be the kind of villain who invites the entire ranch out to dinner and then nukes the restaurant. Behind every enemy is another enemy waiting to take their place, after all. And behind that person is an unconscious Jimmy that didn’t keep his promises.

Yellowstone Season 4 is set to debut on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 7, with a supersized two-episode premiere. The drama will also serve as a lead in for more Taylor Sheridan co-creations, with Mayor of Kingstown premiering the next weekend, and Yellowstone’s 1883 prequel kicking off in late December. 

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