A TikTok Star Was Banned From Disney World For Life. Now He's Hatching A Viral Plan To Work His Way Back Into The Parks Good Graces

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Social media is a fickle mistress. It can make you a star, but it can also draw unwanted attention. One former Walt Disney World cast member learned that the hard way one year ago. A series of TikTok videos went viral and made him a star, but they also resulted in him losing his job, before getting banned from Disney World altogether. Now Jason Jeter has begun trying to get back into the most magical place on earth.

A more recent TikTok video shows that Jason Jeter has begun the process of appealing his lifetime ban from Walt Disney World. The video shows him actually handwriting a letter asking Disney World to rescind the trespass order that keeps him from Walt Disney World. 


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The story starts a little over a year ago when Jason Jeter began posting TikTok videos of him drinking the water at Walt Disney World. The gimmick was that he wasn’t looking to see if the water at one Downtown Disney restaurant was that different from another, He was drinking from public fountains and other non-traditional water sources all over the resort. 

Jeter also made a video inside one of Disney World’s wedding pavilions, which was not in use at the time, though the door had apparently been left unlocked. The fact that Jeter went into an off limits area, is likely what specifically led to The Jeter losing his job at Disney World. The fact that he continued to rank water sources at the Disney World resort is what led to him being permanently trespassed.

People are trespassed from Disney Parks for any number of reasons. Most of the people who get banned from Disney World get in physical altercations on the property or get intoxicated and belligerent. One recent example is a man who was trespassed for refusing to follow the mask rules while at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Though people have done some pretty wild things, like climb some of the attractions, in order to get banned. 

Anybody who has been banned has the ability to ask Disney World to reconsider that decision and many people who have received lifetime bans have eventually had them lifted, presumably after the park decides the person in question has learned their lesson, and there’s an expectation that it won’t happen again. 

On the one hand, the offense here is certainly minor compared to some, so it’s possible the trespass order could be lifted. At the same time, he’s only been banned for a year, and Disney World may decide to keep the ban in place for a while longer just to make sure the punishment properly resonates. 

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